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Tank Clean nozzle



Changyuan can develop corresponding lithium salt barrel cleaning systems according to customer requirements, such as: lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning system, lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning equipment, electrolyte barrel cleaning system, 200L electrolyte barrel cleaning equipment, lithium salt barrel cleaning equipment, 1000L lithium salt barrel Cleaning system, 112-liter lithium salt barrel cleaning system

Changyuan Stainless Steel 112L lithium salt barrel cleaning system, the system works in a fully automatic operation mode and uses an ultra-high-pressure three-dimensional tank washer, which can realize all-round scanning and cleaning of closed containers. After running for multiple cycles, there are no dead spots in the container for cleaning. All processes require only a few operators to be responsible for auxiliary work, inspection and monitoring outside the tank. Completely get rid of the safety hazards of manual canning and surrounding environmental pollution problems. Since the cleaning method uses water as the medium, a safe, environmentally friendly, corrosion-free, and damage-free cleaning process is achieved. (Contact us immediately to obtain the program information)

This series of cleaning machines is used for internal cleaning and drying of 112L lithium salt barrels/200L electrolyte barrels. The system working mode is semi-automatic operation and requires operators to assist in loading and monitoring and controlling the entire cleaning process.

Product features and advantages

1. It can be customized according to the customer’s on-site working conditions and material design and process requirements.

2. Save manual operations and avoid incomplete cleaning of dead corners caused by manual cleaning.

3. Compared with traditional methods, it is more efficient and cleaner.

4. High degree of automation, simple operation, no need for manual intervention in the cleaning process.

5. Reduce labor intensity and eliminate the need for manual high-intensity work cleaning.

6. The operation is simple and only requires the operator to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and provide assistance.

Selection configuration

1. Internal and external cleaning system

2. Circulating water cleaning system

3. Drying system

4. Water heating system

5. Leak detection system

6. Explosion-proof configuration

7. PLC touch control

Suitable for

Clean lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel/electrolyte barrel/lithium salt barrel

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