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Tank Clean nozzle


They are ideal for barrel cleaning, cylinder cleaning, pipe cleaning and pipe/duct work cleaning.


The 19250/23240 compact nozzles generate a spin drive and are sprayed sideways by two flat fan nozzles with 25 mm holes. The top hatch allows for full spraying.

The main material is 316 stainless steel, and the shaft and shaft ring are both rigid stainless steel, which has the longest wear resistance life.

Spray angle:

Performance parameters:

Diameter and weight:

About Nagahara:

We specialize in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of various types of high-performance cleaning heads, spray balls, cleaning balls and automatic tank cleaning equipment. The industry’s cutting-edge cleaning technology, strong product support and 23-year R&D technical team are for biopharmaceuticals. , biological fermentation, food and beverage, chemical processing, petrochemical and other industries provide mechanical cleaning solutions for tanks, reactors and containers. We can provide the best cleaning equipment and solutions for different working conditions and cleaning needs. For cleaning selection, please email us at [email protected] for one-to-one service from technical engineers!

Suitable for

Barrel Cleaning, Cylinder Cleaning, Pipe Cleaning and Pipe/Pipe Work Cleaning

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