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Tank Clean nozzle


Design Features

1. There are two connection methods for adjustable spherical nozzles: clip type (26988, 27988 series) and thread type (155 series)

2. The clip-type nozzle is fixed on the header through a spring; the thread-type nozzle adopts threaded connection.

3. The adjustable spherical nozzle provides three spray modes: hollow cone, solid cone and fan.

4. It forms multiple series by directly connecting spherical nozzles or indirectly connecting nozzles through threaded balls and quick-release balls. You can quickly and accurately adjust the spray direction of the nozzle to keep it in excellent working condition.

5. The nozzle of the adjustable spherical nozzle can be disassembled very quickly. It can be unscrewed directly by hand without any tools. Remove the spherical nozzle, threaded ball or quick-release ball from the nozzle body to insert a new nozzle

Performance parameters

Common Applications

Metal cleaning, desulfurization, phosphating

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