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CYCO & Dongguan Changyuan Spraying Technology Co., Ltd.. With the development of more than 20 years, it has become one of the biggest spray nozzle manufacturers in ASIA, combining R&D, sales, and production together. Visit CYCO Nozzle Group Site:

Our Mission & Vision

Driven by our customers’ needs and supported by science, we engineer reliable, sustainable solutions.Our vision is to create healthier built environments and increase productivity with the optimal humidity for a better life.

CYCO: Your premier spray nozzles supplier

A spray nozzle is the complex of high-degree accuracy and intractable, CYCO pays attention to each detail of the whole technological process, From Raw material selecting & testing to processing and finished product measuring, hundreds of equipment are used, Like CNC lathes, 3-coordinates measuring machine, Fluid density & impact testing machine and so on.

CYCO has obtained more than 100 national patents and been awarded various honorary titles, cooperating with many world top 500 enterprises, such as GE, Tesla, Hobart, BYD motor, SANY,For quality, CYCO® carry out the 100% testing policy, which is the pioneer in China, all nozzles will be tested one by one before shipment. Especially our spiral spray nozzles, mist fog nozzles, air atomizing nozzles, and tank cleaning nozzles are very welcome by our customers all over the world.

CYCO has some Chinese websites Brand: penzuicn , spraycyco, and ecyco, and Our Subsidiary at Hunan: cyco-nozzles, CYCONOZZLES, dryfoghumidifiersystem, tankcleaningnozzles, And Our Main official English website(CYCO Group at DongGuan): (Main Website: CYCO China,

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Company Profile

Based on abundant experiences, CYCO has provided Spray Nozzle,Spray system solutions for over 12000 customer cases. We can supply most kinds of spray nozzles for custom needs. For example, Mist spray nozzle, Spiral nozzle, Fine mist spray nozzles, Spiral spray nozzle, Fan nozzle,360 degree high pressure spray nozzle, Air Atomizing Nozzle, Full Cone Nozzle, Fog Nozzle, Industrial nozzles, Misting Nozzle, Spray Balls, Spray system nozzles, Fogging Nozzle, Atomizing nozzles, Dry fog nozzles, Dry fog Humidifier, Spiral Nozzles, Spray nozzle for cooling tower,Spray nozzle for cooling tower
Plant area
99000 m2
Years – Nozzle Manufacturer
10 +
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A Look Back at Some Landmarks

CYCO® Founded in DongGuan China by founder Song Zhi Ming, started with 10 employees and 8 machines(Injection plastic machines, milling machines, lathe machines)
2002, Extended to 36 employees, installed professional testing laboratory.
2008, A turning point for CYCO@, We partnered with BYD motor, a China well-known motor manufacturer. It was the first time Our nozzles was admitted by motor company.
Become the Whirlpool supplier, Enter into US household appliances market
Become the Tesla motor supplier, enter into the US Automobile Market
Continue the ISO9001 and First time Got the IATF 16949 certification from SAI Global


Manufacturer Directly

CYCO® is the Chinese largest nozzles manufacturer, We provide thousands of kinds of nozzles.

Big customers endorsement

Cooperated with fortune 500 companies like Tesla, BYD motor, GE and so on.

Mass in stock, Lead time in short

Normal nozzles are in stock, and lead time is in short.

20 Years in nozzles

evoted to the industrial spray nozzle for over 20 years, hundreds and thousands of customers are served.

Quality assurance

Have certificated IATF16949 and ISO14001 by SAI GLOBAL, and every nozzle will be tested one by one before shipment.

One stop solution service

Not only nozzles but as services, with over 20 years experience and abundant cases, we can customize the one-stop solution for you.

Listen to What Our Clients Say about Our Nozzles

tank cleaning nozzles
Ms. Therese Purchasing Manager

We have cooperated with CYCO for over 5 years, It’s a very smooth and pleasant process. What mostly astonish me is the lead time and quality, It could always delivery product promptly and trustworthy, It’s our core supplier in the spray nozzle

tank cleaning nozzles
Brown Austin Founder of Mos-pneumatics

We are a small company professional in industrial cleaning, CYCO products fueled us robustly power, Its affordable price, and flawless product always help us to win the orders, Their support, along with our gradual growth in the past 4 years. Thanks, CYCO!

Our Products

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