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Tank Clean nozzle

Acrylic emulsion polymerization reactor automatic cleaning system

System overview of acrylic emulsion polymerization reactor automatic cleaning system:

This system is mainly used for all-round cleaning of cubic tanks, including medium and large fermentation tanks, mixing tanks, reactors and other three-dimensional tank systems. The working mode is fully automatic control, and only the operator is required to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and assist. That’s it, there is no need to manually enter the tank for cleaning, which adds a guarantee to the safety of workers and reduces the workload of workers; it also improves work efficiency and can greatly shorten the cleaning time, thus saving more cleaning agents and truly making To save time, effort and cost.

Water pump protection – anti-idling, anti-pressure overload, and anti-overheating functions;
automatic start and stop – automatic start and stop control of the main pump. When starting to use water for cleaning, the main pump automatically starts.
When a pause is needed during the cleaning process, close the cleaning water valve. Then the main pump stops working and enters standby mode.
After the water valve is opened again, the main pump starts working again;
sanitary hose – sanitary composite hose with a pressure resistance of 1000Bar, sanitary quick-installation interface design;
system configuration – high-pressure pump Station group + control system + central distribution pipeline, control valve + adapter reactor cleaning system + aircraft control system;
manual adaptation – swing angle, tilt arm, portable integrated adapter;

Performance characteristics of acrylic acid polymerization reactor cleaning equipment:

1. Any cleaning point and cleaning time can be set, and each cleaning point is cleaned for 1 to 5 minutes;
2. When cleaning is needed, the valve is opened, and when cleaning is not needed, the valve is closed to avoid cross-contamination;
3. One-click Operation, touch screen control, powerful, stable and reliable, low operating cost, easy to maintain;
4. Cleaning pressure can be adjusted within 5 ~ 1000 kg, solving cleaning problems in various working conditions;
5. High cleaning efficiency, generally 4 ~ The entire cleaning operation can be completed in 20 minutes, thus saving more time for production and considerable economic benefits;
6. No manual cleaning is required to avoid safety accidents. Fully automatic control requires only operators to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and assist. Can;

Installation and use conditions

The customer provides water, electricity, and gas, connects them to the target equipment, and meets energy consumption requirements.

Power supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 3L+N+PE, 132kw;

Tap water: Q≥150L/min, DN50 interface;

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