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Cyco Changyuan spray fermentation tank cleaning device is mainly used for cleaning in cubic tanks, including intelligent automatic cleaning of various three-dimensional tanks such as medium and large fermentation tanks, mixing tanks and tank storage tanks.

The main working principle of the automatic high-pressure cleaning system for fermentation tanks is to control the opening of the water pump, the control of each valve and the action control of each mechanism through the PLC electronic control system. It uses the cleaning fluid to drive the high-pressure three-dimensional cleaning nozzle to perform three-dimensional cleaning of the tank without blind spots. Cover for cycle cleaning.

The fermentation tank not only has cooling coils, but also reinforced beams, stirring blades and other heterogeneous components. Due to the complex structure, automated cleaning has always been difficult. The traditional cleaning method is to manually remove the tank and use a water gun to clean it. The working environment is relatively harsh, the risk of safety hazards is high, the labor intensity is high, and there are also uncertain factors in manual cleaning. This is especially true for large fermentation tanks. In order to solve the problems in this industry, our company organized manpower and material resources, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with large enterprises, conducted many inspections and surveys, and trial-produced automated cleaning equipment for this working condition. After many improvements and optimizations, we successfully developed We have developed an automatic fermentation tank cleaning system and have successfully applied it to major domestic pharmaceutical companies. It has been upgraded to the fifth generation of products, and its performance is mature and reliable. Dozens of devices have been running normally for many years.

Principle and introduction of fermentation tank automatic cleaning equipment system:

This equipment was successfully developed after two years to solve the characteristics and difficulties of cleaning fermentation tanks. It has applied for patent protection and has been successfully used by various large corporate customers. It has been verified by the market and received various praises over the years. The working mode is fully automatic control, and the degree of automation is High, the operator only needs to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and assistance. There is no need to manually enter the tank for cleaning, which adds a guarantee to the safety of workers and reduces the workload of workers; and improves work efficiency, which can greatly It shortens the cleaning time, thereby saving more cleaning agent, truly saving time, effort and cost.

Water pump protection – anti-idling, anti-pressure overload, anti-overheating functions;

Automatic start and stop – automatic start and stop control of the main pump. When the cleaning water is started, the main pump starts automatically. When a pause is needed during the cleaning process, close the cleaning water valve, and the main pump stops working and enters the standby state. After the water valve is opened again, The main pump restarts;

Automatic adaptation – integrated cleaning mobile trolley with swing angle, arm tilt, pipe feeding and pipe collection;

Sanitary hose – sanitary composite hose with a pressure resistance of 50Bar and sanitary quick-installation interface design;

Fermentation tank cleaning system cleaning technical instructions:

The cleaning targets are mixing tanks, reactors, and fermentation tanks;

Cleaning vehicle is in place – after rough steps, open the manhole cover, manually rotate the cleaning cantilever 90 degrees to the center of the manhole, then lock it, and apply the foot brake on the 4-way universal wheels to prevent movement. Connect the water and electricity, adjust and install the tank washer and manhole sealing and fixing through the screw elevator

plate to confirm installation alignment and sealing;

Start cleaning – after the operator starts the system, it enters the automatic cleaning state, divided into 3-5 height positions, and symmetrically cleaned at 2 points along the center line of the tank (or using triangular points), without manual intervention; the automatic cleaning steps are shown in the scheme diagram ; The entire cleaning process only needs to be controlled by one person; the cleaning time of each position can be set and changed manually, but a password needs to be entered on the page specified on the touch screen.

End of cleaning – after the end of cleaning, the system automatically retracts the telescopic arm, vertically downwards, rotates back 33 degrees, and rises back to the original position. At the same time, the disc coiler is controlled by a servo motor and an induction switch to control its rotational speed. Pause to synchronize its movements, retract the water pipe in time, disconnect the water and electricity, manually turn the entire arm 90 degrees back to the original position, and lock it. Estimated cleaning time – about 30-45 minutes per tank, depending on the customer’s cleanliness requirements, the diameter of the tank and the number of cleaning points set;

Features of fermentation tank cleaning equipment: The equipment developed by Changyuan spray fermentation tank automatic cleaning is mature and stable. It can replace manual cleaning. It has a high degree of automation and only needs one person to operate. It greatly improves cleaning efficiency and reduces labor intensity. It has good cleaning effect and does not need to enter the tank. Inside, the mechanical arm is used to perform fixed-point cleaning on the left and right sides of the mixing shaft. The descending depth, cleaning time, and number of cleaning points can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the actual situation. Due to the mobile cleaning method, existing manholes are used without the need for additional openings. It is especially suitable for cleaning 50-500m³ fermentation tanks.

Application scope of automatic fermentation tank cleaning equipment: The automatic tank cleaning system is mainly used for all-round cleaning of cubic tanks, including automatic cleaning of various three-dimensional tanks such as medium-sized and large fermentation tanks.

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