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Tank Clean nozzle


CYCO Changyuan Spray specializes in providing automated spray systems for food and beverages, building materials, chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobiles, paper, energy, steel and metal and other industries. It provides basic control of automatic spray nozzles. It has a compact structure and is easy to use.


Changyuan precision spray control system can help you increase production and save raw materials;
You have a wider range of spray options for spraying, nail marking, cleaning, humidifying, lubricating, drying, blow-drying and more;
We can also provide precise spray control systems for resin, wax, release agent applications and humidification applications to help you optimize your assembly line operations.


1. Reduce waste through appropriate application, reducing the use of expensive resins, waxes or release agents;
2. The precise spray control system can be flexibly configured according to different usage conditions to provide the best spray solution.
3. Maintain optimal distribution, coverage and particle size even if wood chip tonnage changes significantly;
4. Reduce extrusion time and increase output by optimizing surface moisture content;
5. Protect the press to prevent MDI products from sticking during the transition process;
6. The spray volume can cover a wide range of production line speeds – extremely slow to extremely fast;
7. There is no need to use compressed air in most wax application and pre-pressing operations.

Suitable for

Automotive, bakery industry, construction materials, chemical processing, food processing, metal forming and processing, steel and aluminum, paper industry, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, textiles and non-woven products and 200+ industries that require automatic and precise spraying of liquids

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