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Tank Clean nozzle



The nozzle is made with precision, and the inner diameter of the water outlet hole is 1 mm, ensuring a fine spray effect.
The threads of the nozzle connector are precisely made and have been tested for tens of thousands of continuous connections without leakage. The threads are precise and wear-resistant to ensure smooth water discharge.

Spray shape

fan-shaped nozzle : wide angle, large spray area, suitable for cleaning large areas
Conical nozzle: suitable for large area spraying, dust removal, humidification, and cleaning
Liquid column flow nozzle: suitable for powerful flushing in small areas

scenes to be used

Surface cleaning:
In many surface cleaning applications, due to the large area and wide width, one or more nozzles are often used, but the cleaning effect cannot be achieved. Spray pipes are a necessity in such situations. Especially in printing, electronics and other industries, there are strict requirements on the flow rate, angle and particle size of the spray.
High pressure cleaning/low pressure spray:
Spray pipes are widely used in cleaning and flushing. It is mainly used for cleaning felt or forming mesh, lubrication spraying of transmission rollers, chemical spraying, etc. Accurate spray angle, strictly designed stroke and overlap range, precise coverage.

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