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Tank Clean nozzle


Changyuan Spray provides personalized and customized tank/container/reactor cleaning solutions based on customer needs and on-site working conditions! Products are widely used in pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, dairy products, biological fermentation, beer, chemical industry, petroleum storage tanks and other industries.


Changyuan Spray provides automatic tank cleaning systems, automatic reactor cleaning systems, automatic ton barrel cleaning devices, automatic container cleaning systems, automatic railway tank car cleaning systems, automatic milk storage tank cleaning equipment, automatic crude oil tank cleaning equipment, and CIP cleaning systems. Etc., it is widely used in cleaning in 200+ industries to solve cleaning problems, improve cleaning efficiency, and save water and cleaning agents up to 30%. 22 years of production experience, two major production bases in China, and multiple offices. Engineers provide one-on-one technical support, selection and quotation services.
The automatic cleaning equipment produced by Changyuan Spray is mature and stable. It can replace manual cleaning. It has a high degree of automation and only needs one person to operate. It greatly improves cleaning efficiency and reduces labor intensity. It has good cleaning effect and does not need to enter the tank. It uses a mechanical arm to clean the stirring shaft. Fixed-point cleaning is performed on the left and right sides respectively. The descent depth, cleaning time and number of cleaning points can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the actual situation. It is especially suitable for cleaning 50-500m³ tanks, reactors and containers.
The working mode has fully automatic control and semi-automatic control, with flexible selection and a high degree of automation. The operator only needs to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and assist. There is no need to manually enter the tank for cleaning, which adds a guarantee to the safety of workers. At the same time It also reduces the workload of workers; and improves work efficiency, which can greatly shorten the cleaning time, thus saving more cleaning agents, truly saving time, effort and costs.
Choosing the best solution to thoroughly clean your tanks while minimizing the use of expensive chemicals, water and labor can be a challenging task. With just a few simple changes, or trying to replace your cleaning equipment, you can significantly improve your cleaning efficiency. With the advancement of technology, stubborn residues are removed faster, the cleaning cycle is greatly shortened, and the level of automation is also greatly improved.
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System details

Changyuan Spray provides automatic cleaning systems for fermentation tanks, automatic cleaning systems for reactors, automatic cleaning equipment for storage tanks, automatic cleaning systems for containers, automatic cleaning systems for railway tank cars, automatic cleaning equipment for milk storage tanks, automatic cleaning equipment for crude oil tanks, and CIP cleaning systems. Etc., it is widely used in cleaning in 200+ industries to solve cleaning problems, improve cleaning efficiency, and save water and cleaning agents up to 30%. (Contact online customer service or call 191-1929-8456 to provide cleaning solutions)
This system is used to clean mixing tanks, fermentation tanks, tanks, reactors, water tanks, ship cabins and other containers. The working mode of the cleaning system is fully automatic operation, which requires operators to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and provide assistance;
Water pump protection – anti-idling, anti-pressure overload, anti-overheating functions;
Automatic start and stop – automatic start and stop control of the main pump. When the cleaning water is started, the main pump starts automatically. When a pause is needed during the cleaning process, close the cleaning water valve, and the main pump stops working and enters the standby state. After the water valve is opened again, The main pump restarts;
Sanitary hose – sanitary composite hose with pressure resistance of 1000Bar, sanitary quick-installation interface design;
System configuration – high-pressure pump station group + control system + central distribution pipeline (16 lines), control valve (16 lines) + fixed reactor cleaning system (2 sets of cleaning systems for each reactor)
System flow – The flange actuator is turned on →→ The pipe coil is released → → The three-dimensional cleaner enters the reactor → → The high-pressure pump station group is started → → Controls the height positioning of the pipe coil and the multi-stage cleaning program → → The cleaning of the high-pressure pump station is completed Group stop→→ Control the coil to close→→ Flange actuator closes

Performance characteristics of high pressure cleaning equipment

1. Any cleaning point and cleaning time can be set, and each cleaning point can be cleaned for 1 to 5 minutes;
2. When cleaning is required, the valve is opened and when cleaning is not required, the valve is closed to avoid cross-contamination;
3. One-key operation, touch screen control, powerful function, stable and reliable, low operating cost and easy maintenance;
4. The cleaning pressure can be adjusted within 5 ~ 1000 kg to solve cleaning problems under various working conditions;
5. The cleaning efficiency is high, and the entire cleaning operation can generally be completed in 4 to 20 minutes, thus saving more time for production and achieving considerable economic benefits;
6. There is no need to manually remove the tank for cleaning to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. It is fully automatic control and only requires the operator to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and provide assistance;

High pressure cleaning pump station group and control system

The control system and explosion-proof cabinet are equipped with a touch screen to view parameters, and the cleaning parameters can be modified as needed to achieve the best cleaning effect. And it is equipped with explosion-proof start and explosion-proof emergency stop buttons.

cleaning solutions

Clean storage tanks and reactor vessels speed up batch production, lower plant operating costs, and reduce downtime caused by downstream contamination. To achieve these results, the tank needs to be cleaned regularly via a high-pressure water injection system. Cleaning the reactor vessel through high-pressure water spray equipment can improve heat transfer efficiency, thereby increasing production efficiency and ultimately reducing the overall operating cost of the plant.

Cleaning system advantages

  • Faster cleaning, reduced downtime
  • Effective cleaning in hard-to-reach areas
  • No need for evacuation containers
  • Automatic cleaning process
  • Process integrated operations via process control systems
  • Can be cleaned in explosion-proof areas
  • Cold, hot cleaning, with or without cleaning additives
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning can be done with water
  • Improves occupational safety by eliminating the need for personnel in the container
  • Small investment, high economic benefits, improved quality and production capacity

Comparison list of automatic cleaning and manual cleaning

Cleaning system applications

The automated cleaning system is mainly used for intelligent automated cleaning of cubic tanks, including medium and large tank cleaning, reactor cleaning and other types of tanks.


About Nagahara:

We specialize in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of various types of high-performance cleaning heads, spray balls, cleaning balls and automatic tank cleaning equipment. The industry’s cutting-edge cleaning technology, strong product support and a 23-year technical R&D team are for biopharmaceuticals. , biological fermentation, food and beverage, chemical processing, petrochemical and other industries provide mechanical cleaning solutions for tanks, reactors and containers. We can provide the best cleaning equipment and solutions for different working conditions and cleaning needs. For cleaning selection, please email us at [email protected] for one-to-one service from technical engineers!

Suitable for

Pharmaceutical processing, chemicals, food processing, storage tanks, industry, chemicals, fuel ethanol, beer tanks, dairy fermentation tanks, pharmaceutical tanks, reactors, mixing tanks, fermentation tanks

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