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With the rapid development of new energy, the demand for lithium battery electrolyte is increasing, and the demand for storage tanks/ton barrels for electrolyte storage has also increased. The electrolyte storage tank is a recyclable packaging item, also called an electrolyte tank, an electrolyte ton barrel, an electrolyte storage tank, a lithium battery electrolyte turnover barrel, etc.
The electrolyte has high requirements for the quality of the electrolyte tank, and the impurity requirements are parts per million (ppm). Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of recycling the electrolyte barrel and ensuring the quality of the electrolyte, the electrolyte barrel must be cleaned to reduce the impurity content in the electrolyte barrel and prevent the electrolyte residue in the barrel from affecting the next batch of electrolyte. Affects the quality of the fluid.
The disadvantages of the manual water washing electrolyte tank technology are that it requires disassembling the electrolyte barrel for cleaning, which takes a long time, low bucket washing efficiency, high energy consumption and cost (it uses nitrogen, a large amount of high-purity water, and requires a drying room), and physical harm to employees. Large (the process of splitting the barrel will evaporate organic solvents).
Changyuan Spray Technology provided a stainless steel electrolyte tank cleaning system solution for a new energy company. The working mode of the system is fully automatic operation and uses an ultra-high-pressure three-dimensional tank washer to achieve all-round scanning and cleaning of closed containers. After multiple cycles, there are no dead spots in the container for cleaning. All processes require only a few operators to be responsible for auxiliary work, inspection and monitoring outside the tank. Completely get rid of the safety hazards of manual canning and surrounding environmental pollution problems. Since the cleaning method uses water as the medium, a safe, environmentally friendly, corrosion-free, and damage-free cleaning process is achieved.
After the Changyuan spray electrolyte ton tank cleaning equipment is put into operation, it is expected that the cleaning efficiency will be increased by 400% compared with traditional manual cleaning, while labor requirements will be reduced by 70%, and water consumption will be reduced by 50%; effectively ensuring the cleaning effect, reducing management and control quality risks, and reducing enterprise production and environmental costs, improve the intelligence of production and logistics, and increase comprehensive benefits.

The electrolytic liquid storage tank cleaning equipment of Changyuan Spray Technology is a special cleaning equipment for cleaning stainless steel storage tanks with electrolyte (lithium hexafluorophosphate) for lithium-ion batteries. It is suitable for residual liquid collection, opening, cleaning, water control, etc. of various packaging tanks and barrels. Cover tightly and dry. It realizes the functions of fully automatic loading of barrels/tanks, fully automatic outer wall cleaning, fully automatic positioning of irregular barrels, fully enclosed cleaning and pressure maintaining of the inner wall of the barrel, and fully automatic unloading of barrels.
1. It has obvious advantages over the original closed solvent cleaning or open tap water flushing methods.
2. In terms of spray cleaning, this cleaning method uses spray cleaning instead of flushing, which avoids the waste of a large amount of solvent or tap water and saves cleaning resources.

Internal and external cleaning mechanisms – positioning, drainage, backflow design, etc. The internal cleaning system uses solvent to clean the inside of the stainless steel 200L lithium salt barrel;
High-pressure fan-shaped nozzle – high impact, made of 316L material;
Three-dimensional tank washer – specially developed for cleaning electrolyte, with large flow, self-lubricating, self-cleaning, and designed with an independent gearbox.
Changyuan Spray can develop corresponding lithium salt barrel cleaning systems according to customer requirements, such as: lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning system, lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning equipment, electrolyte barrel cleaning system, electrolyte barrel cleaning equipment, 200L lithium salt barrel cleaning system, 1000L lithium salt Barrel cleaning system, 112-liter lithium salt barrel cleaning system, I believe that the fully automated, high-efficiency, high-cleanliness Changyuan spray lithium salt barrel cleaning system will definitely bring better development prospects to the new energy industry.

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