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Tank Clean nozzle


Design Features

1. The characteristics of the series of metal nozzles are that they can produce a hollow cone-shaped spray shape, the spray area is annular, and the spray angle is 51°-114°.
2. This type of nozzle can produce evenly distributed spray with small to medium droplet sizes over a wide range of flow rates and pressures.
3. Even under low pressure conditions, AA/A series metal nozzles can atomize liquids well and produce excellent results.
4. It has a unique swirl chamber structure and its large and smooth flow channel can reduce or eliminate obstruction. AA/A series metal nozzles have external thread connectors, and A series metal nozzles have internal thread connectors.

Performance data

AA wide angle performance parameters

Common applications

Gas scrubbing and cooling, water cooling, dust suppression control, metal processing, chemical reaction processing

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