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Tank Clean nozzle


The DCF-M dual-fluid solenoid valve nozzle is used with the Changyuan automatic spray control system to improve accuracy, reduce losses and overspray, and save time and effort.

DCF-M dual-fluid solenoid valve nozzle (air atomization model) technical parameters

Voltage: DC24VShell movable core: 430F stainless steel
Current: 0.75A Spring: 304SS
Maximum pressure: air pressure 100PSI, water pressure 60PSI Rubber ring: EPDM and fluorinated rubber
Liquid inlet interface: 1/4 Coil: Ninong rubber coating
Maximum temperature resistance: 60℃ Plastic parts: Teflon
Number of cycles: 1000 times/minute Wire: PUR material


The DCF-M dual-fluid solenoid valve nozzle can quickly open/close. When you need 180 times/minute or 10,000 or higher, you can find what you need in our large-scale spray nozzle production line. Options include adjustable or standard automatic spray nozzles, metering nozzles, compact precision nozzles, purge needles, mounting configurations and more. For more complex control of our automatic spray nozzles, add a spray control system to optimize performance and greatly increase cycle speed.


1. The electric air atomizing nozzle has a built-in 24V DC electromagnet coil and does not require compressed air;
2. Pneumatic hydraulic spray nozzles are specially designed for precise dispersion and metering of pressurized liquids;
3. The electro-hydraulic spray nozzle uses a built-in 24V DC solenoid coil;
When you need precise spraying, moisturizing, and preservative operations, the 2205-A automatic spray control system is an ideal choice, available in air atomization and electric/pneumatic hydraulic types. When using the Chang Yuan automatic spray control system, precise spray control can realize automatic flow adjustment control according to changes in production line speed.

Fluid connection

Fluid connections should be made using appropriate 1/4″ pipe connections. If metal fittings are used, a suitable thread sealant should be applied to the threads prior to assembly. For those applications requiring recirculation, two 1/4″ pipe connections are provided connection port. If recirculation is not required, one of the doors should be plugged using the 1/4″ pipe plug provided with each unit.

Electrical connections

Electrical conduit connections for conduit connections accept NPT versions of 1/2” NPT (M), the conduit must protect the cables from mechanical damage and be terminated in a sealed enclosure or junction box suitable for hazardous locations. For the BSPT version, the cables are used Ex-d rated cable gland. Fuse holder and 3/10 amp fuse should be used as shown in Fiaure 1. Ground of CY-DP-03-A must be connected to a true ground.

working principle

When the coil is energized, a magnetic field is formed, and the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the movable core upward, the sealing plug opens, and the liquid flows out of the sealing seat; when the power is turned off, the electromagnetic force disappears, and the spring behind the movable core presses the movable core against the sealing seat. on, the liquid channel is closed

Solenoid valve nozzle application

Suitable for

Spraying, belt spraying, cooling, gluing, lubrication, spray marking, moisturizing, distribution, glazing, lamination, robotic applications, marking, seasoning, humidification

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