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Design scheme of polymerization reactor cleaning coil system

Design scheme of polymerization reactor cleaning coil system

Brief description of the reactor tube cleaning system:

The polymerization reactor cleaning coil system is a dedicated reactor cleaning device that uses the kinetic energy of high-pressure water jets to break up the hard dirt on the inner wall of the reactor and the surface of the stirrer, thereby peeling off and removing it.

This system is mainly used for all-round cleaning of cubic tanks, including medium and large fermentation tanks, mixing tanks, reactors and other three-dimensional tank systems. The working mode is fully automatic control, and only the operator is required to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and assist. That’s it, there is no need to manually enter the tank for cleaning, which adds a guarantee to the safety of workers and reduces the workload of workers; it also improves work efficiency and can greatly shorten the cleaning time, thus saving more cleaning agents and truly making To save time, effort and cost.

Performance features:

1. Any cleaning point and cleaning time can be set, and each cleaning point is cleaned for 1-5 minutes;

2. When cleaning is required, the valve is opened and when cleaning is not required, the valve is closed to avoid cross-contamination;

3. One-key operation, touch screen control, powerful function, stable and reliable, low operating cost and easy maintenance;

4. The cleaning pressure can be adjusted within 5-1000 kg to solve cleaning problems under various working conditions;

5. The cleaning efficiency is high, and the entire cleaning operation can generally be completed in 4-20 minutes, thus saving more time for production and achieving considerable economic benefits;

6. There is no need to manually remove the tank for cleaning to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. It is fully automatic control and only requires the operator to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and provide assistance;

The main working principle of the fixed reactor coil pipe cleaning system is to control the opening of the water pump, the control of each valve and the action control of each mechanism through the PLC electronic control system, using the cleaning fluid to drive the high-pressure three-dimensional cleaning head, and perform three-dimensional and three-dimensional cleaning on the tank. Blind spots are fully covered for cycle cleaning.

It should be noted that when using this system, relevant parameters should be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the best cleaning effect. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep must be performed to ensure the normal operation and service life of the system.

Comparison list of automatic cleaning and manual cleaning of reactors:

Industry applications of reactor cleaning system equipment:

The automatic cleaning system of the reactor is mainly used for the cleaning of cubic tanks, including the intelligent automatic cleaning of various three-dimensional tanks such as medium and large fermentation tanks, chemical resin reactor cleaning and mixing tank cleaning.

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