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Tank Clean nozzle


This humidification system is an ideal choice for workshops that require effective humidity control and has a high degree of automation. A group of 10 or 20 air atomizing nozzles, air distributors and a control box for temperature and humidity control can be installed.


Many production workshops require the use of our humidification systems. For example, in a carton factory, corrugated cardboard needs to be sprayed and humidified during the production process to prevent the corrugated cardboard from being too dry and damaged during production. Our complete humidification system is installed in the workshop, and the humidification effect is remarkable.

The air atomization nozzle used in the workshop humidification system has a special internal structure design that can evenly mix liquid and gas to produce a spray of fine droplets or a spray of coarse droplets. By increasing the gas pressure or reducing the liquid pressure, a finer (about 30 mm) droplet spray can be obtained, thereby achieving a higher gas flow rate to liquid flow rate ratio. The fine droplet spray produced by the air atomizing nozzle can exert a good humidifying effect on the surrounding environment. This humidification system is an ideal choice for workshops requiring effective humidity control.

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Paper factory humidification, cardboard factory humidification, carton factory humidification, woolen spray humidification, mold lubrication, spray injection, air disinfection and sterilization

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