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Tank Clean nozzle


Design Features

1. The specially designed V-shaped groove produces a mountain-shaped fan-shaped spray.
2. One-piece body, no internal parts
3. A wide range of spray angles and flow rates are available
4. Fan-shaped nozzles with mountain-shaped flow distribution are particularly suitable for multi-nozzle spray rods, so that the fan-shaped parts overlap to form an overall even distribution.
5. Small flow fan-shaped nozzles can optionally be equipped with filters.

Performance parameters

General application

1. Cleaning: chemical cleaning of semiconductor wafers, circuit boards, cars, vehicles, containers, films, felts, filters, mesh, bottles, soil, sand, gravel, metal, metal parts, machinery, steel plates, photovoltaic panels, etc. High pressure cleaning
2. Dispersion: etching liquid, oil, lubricant, paste, acid, insect repellent, herbicide, aqueous solution, etc.
3. Cooling: gas, smoke, heat exchanger, barrel tank, steel plate, steel sheet, roof, etc.
4. Water curtain: fire prevention, fire extinguishing, heat protection, dust proof, odor proof, etc.

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