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Fully automatic CIP cleaning system solution

Fully automatic CIP cleaning system solution

CIP devices have been widely used in filling equipment of drying, beer, beverage, and dairy product manufacturers, and have become an indispensable part of the enterprise’s production process. This system is used to clean the inside of production equipment, such as the inside of pipelines, cylinders, etc., which can effectively improve equipment utilization and reduce worker labor intensity. But even so, there are still quite a few business managers who have problems in understanding and management, which are reflected in the following aspects: unable to correctly determine the cleaning process, resulting in a large amount of waste of softened water and cleaning fluid; incorrect selection of cleaning or return pumps Reasonably, either the cleaning fluid cannot reach the equipment to be cleaned, or the closed containers or pipes to be cleaned cannot be effectively cleaned; the equipped self-cleaning system cannot fully and cleanly perform CIP on its own containers.

On the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, our company designs and manufactures CIP cleaning stations based on domestic actual conditions. It is widely used in spray drying plants, dairy plants, beverage plants, food plants and pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It overcomes the original disassembly The disadvantage of cleaning is a reliable guarantee to improve product quality and reduce the loss of raw materials.

Changyuan spray CIP cleaning system mainly consists of acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, clean water tank, concentrated acid tank (only included in fully automatic CIP), concentrated alkali tank (only included in fully automatic CIP), plate heater , cleaning liquid delivery distributor and centrifugal pump.

Fully automatic CIP cleaning system performance characteristics:

Flexible and versatile: The system can independently carry out acid cleaning, alkali cleaning, hot water rinsing and other processes, and can also compile specific cleaning programs according to needs for fully automatic cleaning; it can not only effectively clean the equipment, but also control the growth of microorganisms ; At the same time, semi-automatic and fully automatic control systems can be configured according to customer requirements. Safe and reliable: concentrated acid and concentrated alkali are processed in buried concentrated acid and concentrated alkali tanks; the liquid level in the tank is automatically controlled and has an overflow protection system; the unique outlet structure can prevent the cleaning liquid from precipitating and crystallizing and clogging the tube. road. Economical and reliable: compared with manual cleaning, the cleaning time is greatly reduced and work efficiency is improved; the use of cleaning agent and water will be more scientific and reasonable; at the same time, the steam consumption is relatively small, which can achieve the purpose of rational use of energy; therefore Effectively reduce cleaning costs. Mature PLC control system: Years of experience accumulation have made our procedures more perfect, and imported high-quality control components can ensure long-term and stable work of the system; the friendly human-machine interface can shorten the training time of operators and can be intuitive It displays the working status of key components of the equipment; the easy-to-understand help interface can assist the operator in judging and processing a variety of common fault messages so that the equipment can be restored to normal status in a timely manner.

Features of fully automatic CIP cleaning system:

1. Economical and low operating cost: CIP cleaning in place system can clean equipment and pipelines without disassembling them. It has compact structure and small floor area. It is easy to install and maintain, and can effectively clean the production of cylinders, containers, pipelines, etc. The equipment is cleaned in place, and the entire cleaning process is run in closed production equipment, tanks, containers and pipelines, thus greatly reducing the chance of secondary contamination.

2. Greatly shorten cleaning time: CIP cleaning in place system can be divided into one to four channels according to production needs. Especially for two or more roads, it can not only clean one or more areas at the same time, but also can clean while producing. This greatly shortens the CIP cleaning time during production.

3. Extracorporeal circulation system: can effectively reduce energy consumption.

4. Return water system: It can effectively reduce CIP water consumption.

5. The cleaning program can be automated: especially the fully automatic CIP cleaning system, which can automatically detect, add, discharge, display and adjust the cleaning fluid. It has reliable operation, high degree of automation, simple operation, and good CIP cleaning effect. , thus more in line with the hygienic requirements and production environment requirements of modern large-scale fluid pharmaceutical and food processing technology.

Technical features of fully automatic CIP cleaning system equipment:

Compact structure, small footprint, modular device for easy on-site mobile operation and maintenance, easy integration and docking with existing equipment;

Supports multi-module expansion (hardware, software), automatic control, and is easy to connect to the entire factory system;

Equipped with online cleaning and disinfection interface;

Independent liquid dispensing location does not pollute the production area;

It can conveniently and effectively clean production equipment such as storage tanks and pipelines on-site, and the entire cleaning process is carried out in sealed storage tanks and pipelines, without the risk of cross-contamination.

The system is mainly composed of alkali tanks, acid tanks, hot water tanks, various pipelines and pneumatic valves, pressure transmitters, conductivity meters, platinum thermal resistors and control systems. Centrifugal pumps are used to transport cleaning liquid in material pipelines and equipment. Forced circulation is performed inside to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

In actual use, the specific use of the fully automatic CIP cleaning system must be combined with the equipment and pipeline layout of the worker’s workshop, as well as the cleaning head. When using, the equipment parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual situation to ensure the best cleaning effect.

CIP cleaning systems are widely used in modern large-scale fluid pharmaceutical factories, dairy factories, breweries, pharmaceutical factories, can factories, condiment factories and general food factories to meet the hygienic requirements of processing technology and production environment requirements for pipelines, tanks and container equipment. Cleansing of the ground.

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