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Fully automatic ton barrel cleaning solution

Summary of the automatic cleaning solution for chemical IBC ton barrel cleaning equipment:

The IBC ton barrel fully automatic cleaning system project will adopt an automatic assembly line method and be divided into 4 production methods, that is, 4 procedures (Program 1 is normal internal and external cleaning, Program 2 is no cleaning, Program 3 cleans the outside, and Program 4 cleans the inside) The program realizes fully automatic cleaning inside and outside the ton barrel. The cleaning fluid is provided by the customer, but it is easy to react chemically with metal, so most of the hardware materials of the entire production line are made of plastic and plastic-wrapped metal.

The incoming material is placed on the conveyor line by forklift or other means. Place the plastic barrel that needs to be cleaned at the beginning of the roller conveyor line. The chemical raw material barrel cleaning system will automatically detect the incoming material information and sense the position of the forklift at the same time. When the forklift leaves The preset position enters the automatic cleaning stage. It is equipped with two automatic cleaning stations, an external blow-drying system, and a return water tank. The discharging position is the end of the last drum line (a total of 3 to 4 conveyor lines), as follows If a process fails or is paused, when the last drum line is filled with plastic barrels (up to 3-4 IBC barrels can be stored), the system will automatically alarm and pause until the system recognizes that the cleaned plastic barrels have entered the next process. , to continue operating.

IBC ton barrel fully automatic cleaning equipment system:

1. Independently designed according to customer working conditions, fully automated internal and external cleaning and disinfection, simple operation, stable performance and high cleaning efficiency;

2. The cleaning time of each barrel is about 2~4 minutes/barrel, saving manpower and material resources, greatly improving production efficiency, and greatly reducing labor intensity;

3. Solve the problem of difficulty in recruiting cleaning workers, greatly improve the working environment and make it more environmentally friendly;

4. The system can be equipped with 5-500 kg pressure cleaning to solve cleaning problems under various working conditions;

5. This system adopts a precision 360° three-dimensional cleaning head with no dead corners, which has high impact force and low liquid consumption, truly realizing the problem of cleaning without dead corners;

6. Only 1-2 manual operations are required, the economic benefits are high, the investment cost can be recovered quickly, and the quality and production capacity are also greatly improved.

360 three-dimensional cleaning nozzle

The fully automatic ton barrel cleaning line is widely used for cleaning plastic barrels, metal oil barrels, ink barrels and other raw material chemical barrels for storage and transportation. The effect will have a direct impact on the overall productivity of an enterprise. Deliver fast, efficient and effective cleaning and you’ll see significant improvements in costs and productivity.

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