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Tank Clean nozzle


Treat dust at the source of pollution; it has high dust suppression efficiency and targets respirable dust below 10 μm, effectively improving the environment in workshops, industries and mines. CYCO Changyuan Spray provides you with energy-saving nozzle dust suppression solutions

System Overview

As the country now has greater supervision over environmental pollution, it emphasizes the need to improve issues such as dust in workshops. A large amount of dust is inevitable in many workshops. The dust is light and easy to spread. This not only has a great impact on environmental pollution, but is also very detrimental to the health of workshop workers. There are many harmful substances in the dust. Inhaling a large amount of dust for a long time It is easy to produce various diseases. In order to improve the environment and protect human health, the installation of dust removal equipment in the workshop is imperative. Now we can achieve this through a spray dust suppression system.


Low energy consumption: Each unit consumes only 2.2-4KW electricity per hour, which is about 1/50 of the energy consumption of traditional air-conditioning dust reduction.
Low cost: The purchase cost is low. It is only about 1/25 of the traditional air-run dust reduction.
Large spray volume: Each device can meet the dust suppression requirements for an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters.
Excellent quality: The core components of the main machine are all imported from Germany, with a lifespan of more than eight years. PLC intelligent human-machine interface control makes it truly maintenance-free.

Product Features

Micro mist dust reduction: Use water from tap water, wells or fire pools to form flying water mist through the dust reduction system, adsorbing dust particles and impurities in the air. When the wind speed on site is lower than level 2, it can make the air at the construction site The concentration of particulate matter is reduced by 85%. At the same time, after spraying at high altitude for a period of time, the ground will become moist, effectively inhibiting dust from rising again.
Micro-mist maintenance: During the entire construction period of the main body, the water volume of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the actual conditions on site to maintain the main body.
Micro mist cooling: In summer, the surface temperature of the construction site is close to 50°C, making it very difficult for workers to work. However, if we can use our spray dust reduction system to spray regularly, we can effectively achieve “artificial rainfall” on the construction site and reduce the temperature on site by 2-4 degrees Celsius, thereby improving the construction environment and reducing the probability of heat stroke among workers.

working principle:

Use a high-pressure plunger pump to increase the water pressure to 4-7Mpa, and then atomize the pressurized water through the high-pressure transmission pipeline through the nozzle to produce 3-15um micro-mist particles, which can quickly mix with dust in the air Combine and settle to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.

Small mist host model parameters

High pressure micro mist host model parameters

Common applications

Gravel plant, building materials plant
The automatic conveying system and stacking area of ​​the gravel plant, as well as many transfer points of the dust material transportation system, are difficult to seal, which causes flying dust during operation and seriously pollutes the on-site environment. The automatic spray system implements gravity dust reduction and water mist Dust suppression uses nozzles of different shapes and atomization angles to spray above or around the dust source. Since the sprayed water mist has small particles and good atomization, it quickly condenses with the dust into particles and deposits, thereby eliminating dust and the purpose of improving the environment.
Coal plant, power plant
       In view of the problem that the transfer points of automatic coal conveying systems and many dust material transportation systems are difficult to seal, causing flying dust during operation and seriously polluting the on-site environment, the automatic spray dust reduction system launched by our company uses gravity dust reduction and water mist dust suppression. The principle is to use nozzles of different shapes and atomization angles to spray above or around the dust source, so that water mist and dust can quickly condense and settle, thereby eliminating dust and improving the environment.
cement factory
       I believe everyone has seen the dust pollution of cement. Anyone who built a house in his childhood must have seen it. When a package of cement is opened, dust and smoke will fly everywhere. You can imagine how polluted the dust is in cement production areas. serious. Therefore, cement plants urgently need dust suppression equipment to improve the environment, and spray dust suppression systems are a good choice for cement plants.
Mixing station
        Due to the particularity of material mixing and production in the mixing station, fine dust pollution is serious. Therefore, the problem of dust in mixing stations has become a problem that needs attention and needs to be solved in social development and construction. The spray dust reduction system has the characteristics of uniform spraying, fast dust reduction, and high work efficiency and has been widely used in mixing stations.
wood processing industry
         Dust pollution is one of the important causes of smog. Therefore, many companies facing dust pollution have begun to look for more effective and scientific dust suppression methods, such as wood board processing workshops, stone processing plants, cement plants and other places where the incidence of dust is high. Places, especially lumber factories, are always accompanied by sawdust and dust floating around. In the cold and dry winter, it is the so-called high incidence of static electricity. In a workshop surrounded by wood, there will be a huge fire hazard, because Due to the requirements of environmental protection and the need for sustainable development, it is urgent for these places to solve the problem of dust pollution.

Suitable for

Ceramic factories, cement factories, furniture factories, painting factories, garbage stations, power plants, port coal terminals, railway freight yards, mines, coal mines, coal washing plants, steel plants, coal coking and other industrial enterprises

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