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Horizontal concrete mixing tank cleaning method

Horizontal concrete mixing tank cleaning method

Concrete mixer trucks are vehicles for transporting concrete. Concrete is corrosive to steel and paint. During transportation, concrete will solidify into hard blocks in a short period of time. Once these residues accumulate too much, they will affect the normal operation of the mixer. Therefore, after each delivery of concrete, the concrete adhering to the concrete tank and the inlet and outlet must be carefully washed, and the storage tank and vehicle of the concrete mixer truck must be kept clean, so that the concrete mixer truck can be used longer and reduce unnecessary Economic losses can bring you more wealth and income. So how to clean the concrete mixing tank? How to better clean the residue from concrete mixing tanks.

How to clean horizontal concrete mixing tanks

Solution description: The electronic control system controls the opening of the plunger pump, and the motor drives the cleaning nozzle of the three-dimensional tank washer to perform three-dimensional coverage of the concrete mixing tank without blind spots for cyclic cleaning.

High-pressure sprinkler head in the mixing tank, cement mixing tank cleaning equipment

This system is used for high-pressure cleaning inside horizontal cement mortar mixing stations:

Motor-driven high-pressure water jet cleaning nozzle: The high-pressure water jet cleaning machine uses high-pressure water equipment to generate high-pressure water, and uses a three-dimensional rotating mixing tank cleaning nozzle to convert the pressure into highly concentrated water jet kinetic energy to complete various processes such as cleaning, cutting, and crushing. technology. Any part directly hit by the water jet, whether it is a pipe, the inner and outer walls of the bottom of a container, a building surface, or a hard scale or dense blockage, can be instantly broken and peeled off, separated from the bonding matrix, and cleaned. .

Schematic diagram of the working principle and structure of the Changyuan spray three-dimensional rotating nozzle: This series of can washers are driven by an external motor to rotate, driving the can washers to rotate. The gear mechanism operates according to the set trajectory to achieve revolution and rotation, thereby achieving 360° cleaning without dead ends.

Changyuan spray three-dimensional rotating high-pressure cleaning gun is suitable for cleaning tonnage barrels and IBC tanks. Such as fuel ethanol, beer, chemical industry, industrial fermentation and polluting industries that require high-impact cleaning. It is especially suitable for cement mixing station cleaning and other occasions where hard particle pollution needs to be cleaned. The nozzle comes with a nozzle for cleaning.

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