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Tank Clean nozzle

Intelligent fixed cleaning system solution for medium and large tank trucks

Intelligent fixed cleaning system solution for medium and large tank trucks

Tank truck intelligent cleaning station system overview:

The large tank truck cleaning station system can be used for automatic cleaning of the interior of oil tanks of 20m³ oil tank trucks and 36m³ semi-trailers:

Compatible trailer tanker cleaning systems:

The main working principle of the intelligent tank truck cleaning equipment is to control the opening of the water pump, the control of each valve and the action control of each mechanism through the electronic control system, and use the cleaning solvent in the water inlet pipe to drive the cleaning nozzle of the three-dimensional tank washer to perform three-dimensional cleaning on the tank. Three-dimensional coverage without blind spots for cycle cleaning.

Advantages of automatic tank cleaning equipment:

1. The safety protection measures during mechanical cleaning are complete and will not cause safety threats caused by entering the tank;

2. The mechanical cleaning system is fully enclosed, has a high degree of mechanization and requires less manpower, which prevents personnel from working in harsh environments for a long time;

3. Mechanical cleaning time is short, occupying less time at the tank mouth, and reducing tank shutdown time;

4. The circulating water is used for oil-water separation and can be discharged only after reaching the standard value. The cleaning effect is good and the crude oil recovery rate is high;

5. Mechanical cleaning does not discharge oil pollution outside the oil tank. The recovered crude oil is filtered and transferred to the critical tank. The generated sewage is processed through the oil-water separation device to recover the residual oil. The sewage and dirt are processed to the discharge standard value before emission;

Product performance features:

1. Changyuan spray hazardous chemicals tank truck cleaning system has a high degree of automation and stable operation;

2. The hazardous chemicals tank truck cleaning system uses a stepper motor to drive the cleaning robot to rotate and position in the oil tank. It has the characteristics of smooth operation and high positioning accuracy;

3. The oil tank truck cleaning system uses high-pressure water jet technology to clean the inner wall of the oil tank point by point. The cleaning of each position in the oil tank can be controlled, and each corner position can be rotated and cleaned 360 degrees independently;

4. At the same time, personnel do not need to touch the inside of the tanker during the cleaning process, which saves manpower and increases the safety and effectiveness of system operation;

5. The three-dimensional rotating nozzle feeding mechanism and the high-pressure cleaning machine are interlocked. It ensures that the feeding mechanism of the three-dimensional tank washer and the high-pressure cleaning machine can complete their actions independently before proceeding to the next step, preventing various injuries and equipment collisions;

6. Interlocking between the high-pressure water pump and the three-dimensional tank truck cleaning nozzle feeding mechanism and traction equipment. This prevents the high-pressure water pump from endangering personnel safety due to the tank washer not fully entering the tank port and closing the tank port from being started.

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