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Tank Clean nozzle


Widely used in cleaning reactors, tanks and containers in 200+ industries such as biopharmaceuticals, biological fermentation, chemical processing, chemical industry, food and beverages, etc.

K4 cleaning spray ball (9800 type) technical parameters:

Material: 316L stainless steelType: Fixed static type
Spray coverage: 210°, 360° Working pressure: 60-50bar
Flow range: 23-43L/min Maximum temperature: 212℃
Maximum tank diameter: 2m Minimum tank opening size: 51mm

K4 can washing nozzle features:

1.9800 cleaning nozzle is designed to effectively clean small containers;
2. The nozzle is available with 15 or 21 full-cone nozzles, which can completely cover the inner surface of small containers at a pressure of 10 bar;
3.9800 nozzle fits through a standard drum nozzle. It can be installed on self-propelled drum cleaning machines. The maximum diameter of the nozzle is 35mm, the necking design is 16mm, and it is durable and anti-corrosion design.

About Nagahara:

We specialize in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of various types of high-performance cleaning heads, spray balls, cleaning balls and automatic tank cleaning equipment. Our cutting-edge cleaning technology, strong product support and 23-year R&D team serve biopharmaceuticals, We provide mechanical cleaning solutions for tanks, reactors, and containers in various industries such as biological fermentation, food and beverage, chemical processing, and petrochemical industries. For different working conditions and cleaning needs, we can provide the best cleaning equipment and solutions. For cleaning selection, please email us at [email protected] , and technical engineers will provide one-on-one service!

Suitable for

Widely used in cleaning reactors, tanks and containers in more than 200 industries such as pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, food and beverages, such as beer, wine, transportation, papermaking, dairy products, food, beverages, ethanol, chemical petroleum, municipal sanitation, fuel oil, Biopharmaceuticals, paints and coatings, cosmetics.

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