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Tank Clean nozzle

Lifting fixed reactor cleaning solution

Clean storage tanks and reactor vessels speed up batch production, lower plant operating costs, and reduce downtime caused downstream. To achieve these results, the tank needs to be cleaned regularly via a high-pressure water injection system. Cleaning the reactor vessel with high-pressure water spray equipment can improve thermal efficiency, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing the total operating cost of the factory.

The lifting fixed reactor is a type of reaction equipment widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Since residues and dirt are easily generated during its use, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The following is a detailed introduction to the lifting fixed reactor cleaning solution:

Difficulties in cleaning the lifting fixed reactor:

Residues and dirt inside the reactor are difficult to remove and require efficient cleaning methods.

During the cleaning process, it is necessary to avoid damage to the inner wall of the reactor to avoid affecting the life of the equipment.

It is necessary to ensure that the cleaning agent will not corrode or contaminate the materials inside the reactor.

Cleaning solutions:

High-pressure water cleaning: Use high-pressure water flow through the nozzle to generate impact to completely remove dirt and residue. The high-pressure water flow can effectively impact and dissolve residues, and clean the dirt inside the reactor through impact and flushing.

Advantages of high pressure water cleaning:

Efficient cleaning: High-pressure water flow can quickly flush and remove dirt and residues inside the reactor, greatly improving cleaning efficiency.

Safety and environmental protection: High-pressure water cleaning does not require the use of chemical solvents or cleaning agents, avoiding the use and discharge of harmful substances and reducing environmental pollution.

Non-destructive cleaning: The high-pressure water flow is not corrosive to the inner wall of the reactor, will not cause damage to the equipment, and extends the life of the equipment.

Multifunctional application: High-pressure water cleaning is suitable for various types of reactors, including stainless steel, fiberglass and other materials, and is suitable for different types of dirt and residues.

High pressure water cleaning application scenarios:

Residues of chemical reactants: High-pressure water can quickly wash away the chemical substances produced during the reaction, ensuring the purity of the next reaction.

Residue adhesion layer: High-pressure water flow can effectively wash and remove the residue adhesion layer, improving the surface cleanliness of the reactor.

Dirt and particulate matter: High-pressure water cleaning can quickly remove dirt and particulate matter to prevent them from causing problems such as clogging the equipment.

Changyuan spray high-pressure reactor cleaning system integrates multi-disciplinary technologies or applications such as high-pressure water jets, pipeline engineering, and modern control systems. The reactor inner wall cleaning system includes a high-pressure pump part, an electrical control part, and a high-pressure water cleaning part. The high-pressure water cleaning consists of an automatic cleaning device and a manual cleaning device. The three-dimensional rotating nozzle telescopic mechanism is installed on the inlet hole of the reaction kettle, and the telescopic rod extends into the reaction kettle. The telescopic mechanism can be controlled manually, electrically, hydraulically, etc., so that the telescopic rod can telescope in the reaction kettle and move along the direction around the inner wall of the reaction kettle. The telescopic rod can avoid obstacles in the reactor during movement. Due to the combined movement of the three-dimensional rotating nozzle and the telescopic rod, the high-pressure water jet can cover any position inside the reactor, thereby completing the cleaning of the reactor.

Fixed reactor automatic cleaning system:

1. Our company has various automatic cleaning mechanisms for reactors, which are highly automated and can replace manual cleaning operations.

2. Save manpower and material resources, greatly improve production efficiency, and greatly reduce labor intensity.

3. No one is required to enter the reactor, which avoids various risks and improves the working environment.

4. The reactor high-pressure cleaning nozzle can be equipped with a cleaning pressure of 5-1000 kg to solve cleaning problems under various working conditions.

5. The investment is small and the economic benefits are high. The investment cost can be recovered quickly, and the quality and production capacity are also greatly improved.

The cleaning speed of intelligent high-pressure reactor cleaning equipment is several times or even dozens of times that of traditional methods. It uses the kinetic energy of high-pressure water jets to break up the dirt on the inner wall of the reactor and the surface of the stirrer, thereby peeling off and removing it, which can be more Safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and intelligent operation.

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