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Tank Clean nozzle


Precise lubrication systems reduce lubricant waste, increase production time, reduce operating costs and reduce maintenance time


The 2205A spray lubrication system ensures the correct amount of lubricant is applied to the target to reduce waste. Many spray system configurations use variable and complex operations to achieve spray effects. Lubrication systems are available with a wide range of options including hydraulic and pneumatic nozzles , spray heads, coil lubricators, controllers and more


1. Most systems use precise spray control to ensure uniform spray coverage even if operating conditions change.
2. Precise spraying can reduce lubricant consumption
3. Automatic on/off control reduces quality problems caused by dripping
4. Reduce the mist phenomenon of overspray, which means reducing downtime and maintenance time and ensuring the safety of operators
5. The wide range of system configuration is suitable for various low viscosity or high viscosity lubricants
6. Equipped with various types of nozzles to ensure that the appropriate amount of liquid is delivered to the nozzles to avoid malfunctions.

Applies to:

Coil lubrication, deep drawing, mold lubrication, forming, machine and tool lubrication, demoulding, sheet lubrication, strip lubrication before forming, stamping

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