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Tank Clean nozzle


Cleaning angle: 360° Working pressure: 30-150bar (adjustable)
Flow: 30-100L/min Cleaning cycle: 2.5min

Overview of high-pressure cleaning machine for mixer trucks in mixing stations

As the requirements for concrete at project sites are getting higher and higher, the mixing host needs to be cleaned before switching production of different types of concrete materials to prevent previous materials from contaminating subsequent concrete. The traditional cleaning method of the mixing host has dead ends and cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Nagahara CYCO-RD3 can clean 360 degrees without any dead ends.

Product features of mixing host high pressure cleaning machine

1. CYCO-RD3 high-pressure cleaning machine can clean 360 degrees without dead ends, and can automatically adjust the telescopic rod according to the depth of the tank.
2. Equipped with a 200-liter water tank and a high-pressure cleaning gun that can be manually flushed and used to clean the site, realizing one machine with multiple uses.

Working principle of high pressure cleaning machine

Cleaning effect

product live

Suitable for

Concrete host, concrete mixing station, mixer truck

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