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Tank Clean nozzle


Cleaning angle: 360° Working pressure: 30-150bar (adjustable)
Flow: 30-100L/min Cleaning cycle: 2.5min

Mixing Tank Pressure Cleaner Overview

Changyuan CYCO-RD3 high-pressure cleaning machine integrates high-pressure water jet, pipeline engineering, and PLC control system. It uses three-dimensional high-pressure water automatic cleaning technology to achieve 360° cleaning of the inside of the tank container without dead ends. The huge impact capability of the high-pressure water jet can Quickly peel off and clean the dirt inside the tank and on the stirring shaft, with good cleaning effect and comprehensive cleaning.
1. During operation, start the high-pressure cleaning machine with one click and control the three-dimensional rotating nozzle telescopic mechanism to extend into the tank, so that the telescopic rod telescopes in the tank and moves along the direction around the inner wall of the tank. The telescopic rod can avoid the inside of the tank during movement. obstacle. The high-pressure water jet is ejected from the rotating nozzle. When the cleaning nozzle rotates horizontally, the rotation force formed by the water jet drives the nozzle to rotate in the vertical plane. Due to the combined movement of the three-dimensional rotating nozzle and the telescopic rod, the high-pressure water jet can cover any position in the tank, ultimately completing the cleaning of the tank.
2. Using PLC control system, the cleaning pressure, time and flow rate can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The entire cleaning process can be carried out in a closed environment to avoid the impact of waste water splashing and exhaust gas volatilization on the surrounding environment. The system is positioned at multiple points to easily avoid The obstruction in the tank allows the three-dimensional cleaning head to be close to any area of ​​the tank wall, so that the jet strikes at a short distance and the cleaning effect is guaranteed;
3. The entire process only requires manual assistance to improve the quality and efficiency of cleaning inside the tank. In addition, relevant safety and explosion-proof equipment and measures can be equipped according to the actual production conditions on site to improve the safety of the tank cleaning process.

Mixing tank high pressure cleaning machine product features

1. CYCO-RD3 high-pressure cleaning machine can clean 360 degrees without dead ends, and can automatically adjust the telescopic rod according to the depth of the tank.
2. Equipped with a 200-liter water tank and a high-pressure cleaning gun. It can be manually rinsed and the site can be cleaned, realizing one machine with multiple uses.

Working principle of high pressure cleaning machine

Cleaning effect

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