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Tank Clean nozzle

Mobile reactor cleaning solution

Due to various complex structures such as the stirring shaft inside the reactor, it has always been one of the difficulties in the industry to clean without dead ends. Due to the following disadvantages of manual cleaning of chemical reactors, the cleaning effect cannot always meet the requirements:

① Manual cleaning requires entering the tank manually, which has the characteristics of high labor intensity, long cleaning time, and harsh working environment;

② Due to various production processes, there may be toxic or harmful gases inside the reactor, which will cause great harm to the human body. Even cleaning with cleaning fluid will have a certain impact on the human body;

③The inside of the reactor may be a flammable and explosive working environment, and manual cleaning is dangerous;

④ Since cleaning is done manually, the cleaning effect may be greatly affected by human factors;

⑤ Every year, casualties caused by manual cleaning are reported, which has a greater impact on corporate society and poses greater hidden dangers;

⑥Because the reactor generally has a stirring shaft, stirring blades, and may also have various heterogeneous parts such as coils and reinforcing ribs, manual cleaning is also difficult;

⑦ Since some materials are easy to dry and form a film when cleaning the inside of the reactor, making it difficult to clean. Therefore, the cleaning time is particularly important after the materials in the reactor are emptied.

Advantages of mobile reactor high pressure cleaning equipment:

1. The internal cleaning of the chemical reactor uses ordinary water as the cleaning medium, which saves the steps and time of testing the chemical composition, improves the work efficiency, and can also remove special scale that is insoluble or soluble in chemical cleaning;

2. The pressure level can be adjusted independently according to scaling and cleaning needs. The high-pressure water jet will not cause any mechanical damage and will not harm the substrate of the equipment being cleaned;

3. It can be cleaned in harsh environments. Personnel do not need to enter the reactor, which avoids the harm and unsafety of chemicals in the reactor to the human body and cures potential safety hazards;

4. The cleaning speed is several times or even dozens of times faster than traditional methods;

5. The cleaning rate can be above 90%, saving energy and low cost. Greatly reduce the energy consumption of enterprises in the production process; at the same time, the cleaning of the reactor can ensure the unity of the reaction, reduce the occurrence of impurity reactions, and greatly reduce the probability of safety accidents; in addition, a clean reactor working environment can greatly reduce the need for replacement. load on thermal equipment and extend service life.

Mobile reactor high pressure cleaning system:

1. Our company has various automatic cleaning mechanisms for reactors, which are highly automated and can replace manual cleaning operations.

2. Save manpower and material resources, greatly improve production efficiency, and greatly reduce labor intensity.

3. No one is required to enter the reactor, which avoids various risks and improves the working environment.

4. The reactor high-pressure cleaning nozzle can be equipped with a cleaning pressure of 5-1000 kg to solve cleaning problems under various working conditions.

5. The investment is small and the economic benefits are high. The investment cost can be recovered quickly, and the quality and production capacity are also greatly improved.

Comparison list of automatic cleaning and manual cleaning of reactors

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