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Tank Clean nozzle


Design Features

1. The characteristic of the narrow-angle solid cone nozzle is that it can produce a solid cone-shaped spray shape, the spray area is circular, and the narrow-angle spray angle is 30°.
2. The nozzle produces spray with uniform distribution and coarse particles, especially the 15° nozzle. The equilibrium force per unit area is significantly higher than that of the wider-angle nozzle at the same flow rate. The narrow-angle nozzles have removable caps and blade
3. Nozzles of 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch sizes are made of rods, and nozzles of 11/4-inch and larger sizes are cast.
4. The narrow-angle nozzle is manufactured with thick and fine processes to achieve precise specifications to ensure its excellent performance. Its uniform spray distribution comes from the unique and novel blade design, large flow channel and excellent jet control characteristics

Performance parameters

Common applications

1. Clean products that require deep penetration or jetting to create turbulence to ensure thorough washing.
2. Cool or clean the inside of the injection pipe
3. Cool down the superheated steam

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