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PE chemical ton barrel cleaning and disinfection solution

PE chemical ton barrel cleaning and disinfection solution

Semi-automatic barrel cleaning machinery project overview:

Pump water supply capacity – rated flow 50L/min, rated pressure 200-350 kg;

High-pressure plunger pump protection – anti-idling, anti-pressure overload, and anti-overheating functions;

Imported hose – composite hose with high pressure resistance greater than 20-35MBar, quick-install interface design;

Sturdy and durable – using well-known domestic and foreign brands of pressure, electric ball valves, sensors, PLC touch or configuration software, thickened 304 water pipes, accurate and reliable;

The working principle of high-pressure internal cleaning and disinfection of ton barrels is as follows: push the ton barrel to the internal cleaning station and position it properly. The tilting mechanism tilts the barrel at a certain angle so that the drain outlet of the ton barrel tilts downward (this function is to facilitate the discharge of the cleaned liquid). Then the cleaning head is extended into the barrel mouth. After it is in place, the high-pressure cleaning head starts to rotate, and the cleaning liquid is then sprayed out to start cleaning the inner wall of the ton barrel. The cleaning time is 2-4 minutes (the internal washing is completed, the high-pressure three-dimensional cleaning head stops rotating and spraying liquid , and rise to the initial position, the ton barrel returns to the horizontal state, remove the ton barrel, and wait for the next action cycle.

Installation conditions for automatic ton barrel cleaning machinery:

The customer provides water, electricity, and gas, connects them to the target equipment, and meets energy consumption requirements.

Power supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 3L+N+PE, 100kw, distribution cable 5*70mm²;

Normal temperature water: Q≥40-100L/min, DN63 interface;

IBC chemical barrel cleaning mechanical system:

Simplifying design and cost, combined with the most durable and effective technology, makes it the ideal tote/IBC tank cleaning system for any industrial or sanitary application.

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