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Tank Clean nozzle

CYCO Stainless Steel 360 Degree High Pressure Oil Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Model Number: 360-ATank wash nozzle

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High Pressure Oil Tank Jet Cleaning Spray Nozzle


Quick Details
Warranty: 3 months
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Other, Advertising Company
Weight (KG): 3
Showroom Location: Canada, Thailand, South Korea
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: New Product 2020
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: CYCO
Condition: New
Product name: 360-A Tank wash nozzle
Model: 360-A
Working Pressure: 3-14 kg pressure
Material: 316L Mounting
Type: external thread connection
Working temperature: 300 ° C
Medium: liquid
Scope of application: environmental protection, cleaning, purification, painting
Supply Ability
Supply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packaging & Delivery
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Lead Time:

Quantity(Pieces)1 – 100101 – 500501 – 1000>1000
Est. Time(days)81216

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360 Degree High Pressure Oil Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Dongguan Changyuan Spraying Technology Limited Company, branding as CYCO, founded in 1999, is a professional manufacturer of spray nozzles and aftermarket sales. We are committed on research and design of industrial spray nozzles which includes full cone nozzles , hollow cone nozzles, spiral nozzles, air atomizing nozzles, tank washing nozzles and millions of different nozzles for over 22 years.

We are supplying many types of spray nozzles which are applied to marine scrubber for Exhaust Gas Cleaning System, such as sped nozzle, short type full cone nozzle and large flowrate full cone nozzle which are made of plastic, silicone carbide, and stainless steel with various parameters.

Let us walk you through.

tank washing nozzles

Tank Washing Optimizing

It is a challenging subject that washing your tanks thoroughly by your best way and reduce the expensive chemicals ,water and labor at the meantime. You can maximize the cleaning equipment performance through many respects. We have selected several excellent cleaning solutions for you here which will help to optimize cleaning efficiency.
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Covering area of spray

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Are you still cleaning tanks manually?
You get the following benefits by applying the automation technology:

The cleaning effect will be more consistent and thoroughly; Avoid direct contact with dangerous chemicals,and workers are safer;
Faster cleaning, downtime minimization, tanks can be quickly restored to working state;
Usage of water and chemicals will be reduced drastically and lower the cost of wastewater disposal .
Extra labor freed from cleaning operations can create other benefits for the company.

Spraying pattern:

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

If you want to optimize tank washing, you need to evaluate the proposed operation firstly.

  • How many tanks need to be cleaned? Diameter, length and height of each tank.
  • Are there any obstacles such as stirrer or mixer inside the tanks that your company using now?
  • Compared with other areas, is there any specific area needs to be more careful cleaning, such as degreased line?
  • What residues need to be removed? Are these residues sticky? Can residues be washed out easily?
  • Whether need detergent, is the water sufficient? Whether need to heat the cleaning liquid?
  • Is there any problem with the cleaning method you are currently applying ?
  • With the clear answer to these questions, what you need to do next is to evaluate which cleaning product you are going to use.

If you are currently using cleaning nozzles or tank washing machines, you can improve your cleaning efficiency greatly through a few simple changes or try to change the cleaning device .

Six key specification guidelines

Spray distance

Spray distance is usually expressed as tank diameter. If you are using a tank with a diameter of 20 feet (6m) and a height of 40 feet (12m), you will need two spray tank washers with diameter of 20 feet (6m) or a tank washer with diameter of 40 feet (12m).

Impact force

You can increase the impact by increasing the flow or pressure. Relatively speaking, the way to increase the flow is particularly effective. If the flow rate is doubled, the impact force can also be increased by 100%, while if the pressure is doubled, the impact force can only be increased by 40%. In a word, to ensure the optimal cleaning efficiency, the best solution is still to choose tank cleaning products with sufficient impact force.

Flow rate

Operating at the lowest possible flow can significantly reduce operating costs. In this way, cleaning fluid, sewage treatment and energy consumption can be greatly reduced. In view of this, our basic guideline is to use flows between 0.2 gal/min/ft2(7 /min/m2) 2.0.4 gal/ min/ft2(1.51/min/m2). This guideline usually applies to stationary nozzles where all surfaces of tanks can be flushed simultaneously. Rotating nozzles are usually in contact with tank parts at a certain time, allowing for lower flow rates.

Spray pattern

Solid stream sprays provide the greatest impact force, followed by fan and full cone sprays

Spray coverage

Spray coverage of tank washing nozzle varies from 65° to 360°. To reach all areas of the tank, you may need to use multiple nozzles, especially if there is a mixer in the tank.


In view of the durability and high temperature resistance of stainless steel, most tank washing nozzles are made of stainless steel.

Nozzles made of PTFE(teflon) or PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) are used for operations involving corrosion protection requirements. Make sure the material with the seal or o-ring device is compatible with the cleaning fluid.

Flow rate Pressure Relative impact
13gpm(50 Umin) 45 psi(3 bar) 1.0
13gpm(50 Umin) 90 psi(6 bar) 1.4
26gpm(100 I/min) 45 psi(3 bar) 2.4
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Free evaluation of tank washing:

After you have read this unit, you may consider taking advantage of our free on-site tank cleaning evaluation. Our company will send a tank cleaning expert to the site to conduct field inspection of related operations.

If you are using tank cleaning nozzle, our company’s experts will check the nozzle and evaluate its model, layout and position.
Our company’s experts will record the flow rate, operating pressure, cleaning fluid and residue to be removed. After the evaluation, our company will submit a written summary report on your previous operation and improvement of cleaning efficiency.


Nozzle Tank max. diamter(ft) Working theory Pressure psi(bar) Capacity range gpm(l/min) Spray angle Tank min. hole size ft ft(Imm) Temperature °F(°C)
S360/Y360 18 (5.5) Static type 8-821 (1-5) 18-783 (4.7-207.8) 360° 270u p 0.82 (250) 392 (200)
ROT 8.53 (2.6) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 232-1769 (16-122) 26.5-117 (7-31) 360° 0.82 (250) 482 (250)
CY-SS 4— (1.8) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 1.8-4 (2) 1.8 180° 0.82 (250) 150
CYCO-05 17 (5) Liquid-driven turbine 58-290 (4-207) 7-69 (25-260) ° 360 3.5 (105) 203 (95)
360 100 (30) Liquid-driven turbine 40-350(28-24) 30-300 (113.5-11356) 360° 6.25 (158.7) 250
K4-6160/10250 27 (6.7) Static type 20-50 (1.5-3.5) 72-385 (280-1470) 360° or customized spray angle 10 (254) 212 (100)
K4-9800 2 (0.6) Static type 60-50 (1.5-3.5) 5.5-11.7 (23-43) 210°,360° 2 (51) 212 (100)
K4-28250 5 (1.5) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 10-60 (1-4) 5.0-22 (23-82) 360° 2.25 (60) 350 (177)
K4-19250 3 (0.9) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 20-200 (1.5-1.2) 3.5-22 (14-79) 360°nk 1.03 (26) 350 (177)
CS090 22 (6) Liquid-driven turbine 145-580(10-40) 2.7-54 (10-204) 360° 5 (140) 185 (85)
M-50 8 (2.4) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 10-50 (0.7-4) 2.1-4.5 (7.8-18) 180°±/F, 360° 1 (25) 200 (93)
36300 25 (7.6) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 10-50 (0.7-3.5) 4-391 (15.3-1490) 180°_E/T 270°_h/T 360° 2-7 (51-178) 200 (93)
36500 18r,(5’3, Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 10-50 (0.7-3.5) 9-78 (34-295) 1 80°__L/T, 360° 2-7 (51-178) 200 (93)
36300R 25 (7.6) Driven by the counter-force of the liquid 10-50 (0’7-3’5) 4-391 (15.3-1490) 1 802-7 270 (51-178) 360 200 (93)
6.5 (2.0) Static type 15-60 (1-4) 2.5-7.3 (9.5-28) 180°_h/T, 360° (M:1(25);C1131.1:2(50) 300 (149)


Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
  • 360-atank Cleaning Nozzle
  • Rotary Tank Washer Nozzle CYCO-05
  • K4 Tank Wash Nozzle
  • 12810 Tanb Wash Nozzle
  • M-50 Rotating Tauk Wash Nozzle
  • 36300 Tank Washing Nozzle
  • 36500 Tank Washing Nozzle
  • 36300R Tank Washing Nozzle
  • HWS Tank Washing Nozzle
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Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Cleaning of Pharmaceuticals Processing

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

TankCleaning of Chemical Processing

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

TankCleaning of Food Processing Tank


Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Design feature

Spray ball design has been proven in many applications. It can be used in areas with high hygienic requirements and high temperature.
Our spray balls are available in a variety of sliding sleeve connections, as well as threaded or welded versions.

Maximum tank diameter [M]


31 6L stainless steel pin: 316L stainless steel

Maximum temperature

200 degrees Celsius

Recommended working stress


Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Slip connection

Using a slip-on connection, the spray ball is pushed onto the connecting pipe and secured with a cotter pin provided, CYCO provides the correct connection size for the three most common pipe standards.

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Dimensions slide sleeve connection

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Insurance pin 1

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Insurance pin 2-5


Models: s360-D64-1.5-26

tank cleaning nozzles
tank cleaning nozzles
ModelPressureFlow rateInner diameterConnection typeSpray angle
S360-D64-1.5-263.20bar5.8-7.1m3/h (97-118L/min)26Pin360

Models: s360-D64-1.5-38.4

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
tank cleaning nozzles
Model Pressure Flow rate Inner diameter Connection type Spray angle
S360-D64-1.5-26 3.20bar 5.8-7.1m3/h (97-118L/min) 8.4 Pin 360

Rotary cleaning ball ROT series

Design Features

  • High Standard Surface Treatment
  • Suitable For High Temperature Environment
  • High Corrosion Resistance (All 316L Stainless Steel)
  • Comply With FDA&EG 1935/2004 Standard
  • Available to provide AETX Certified
  • Explosion-proof Version
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

1.Main Specification: Big improvement on Weld treatment, internal structure and surface polishing.

2.Machine casting 0.5um is the best proof of the polishing effect. 3.Solved the biggest problem in industry to through improvement on nozzle caliber and increased the upward water distribution,Riboflavin cleaning validation is the best proof.

4.ROT series products have a cleaning efficiency rating of 2 and is excellent for rinsing and removing light stains. It is mainly used for food and beverage industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and other similar cleaning situation.

5.ROT series products are made from AISI 316L stainless steel and can be used at temperatures up to 250°C , ensure to use different cleansers widely.


Recommend to operate with compressed air within short period. If working pressures is higher than recommended,it will caused higher abrasion rates and smaller droplets. This may affect the final cleaning effect.

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Rotary cleaning ball ROT series

more models

Type Model Spray Angle Connection way connection size connection Standard Ball Outer Diameter Connection Inner Diameter (mm) Standard Flow (cubic/bar)
Spin the ball ROT-D24-0.8 360 threaded connection 3/8″ DIN11850 024 3/8″ 1.40m3/h,@2bar (23L/min)
ROT-D24-0.8 360 Slip-on connection Inner Diametero15.4 DIN11850 15.4
ROT-D31-1 360 threaded connection 1/2″ DIN11850 (1)31 1/2″ 2.30m3/h,@2bar (38L/min)
ROT-D31-1- 360 Slip-on connection Inner Diameter021.8 DIN11850 2L8
ROT-D38-1 360 threaded connection 1/2″ DIN11850 c1)38 1/2″ 4.20m3/h,@2bar (69L/min)
ROT-D38-1 360 Slip-on connection Inner Diameter025.4 DIN11850 25.4
ROT-D46-1.2 360 threaded connection 3/4″ DIN11850 046 3/4″ 5.60m3/h,@2bar (92L/min)
ROT-D46-1.2 360 Slip-on connection Inner Diameter033 DIN11850 33

Application of automatic rotating cleaning ball

Automatic rotating cleaning ball is for full cleaning and with cleaning fluid. It is specially designed for the innter five-gallon tank cleanning. After long time repeating test and researching,it prove that its unique design has a small flow rate,high efficiency and saves cleaning liquid . It is Suitable for lifting equipment. Specifically used for water barrel cleaning, mineral water barrel cleaning equipment, 3-gallon barrel cleaning and 5-gallon barrel cleaning.

tank cleaning nozzles

Spray effect

tank cleaning nozzles

CY-SS telescopic nozzle


  • High-Impact Cleaning, Hygienic design
  • Minimum cleaning fluid consumption
  • Direct fluid drive
  • Automatic lubrication
  • 1.8m impact radius
tank cleaning nozzles
type model Spray angle Connection Thread size Connection STIr,Wrr cginargge°,-r’cr’,Trn’ilr Standard Flow (cubic/bar)
telescopic RT-D54-1/2 180 thread 1/2″ DIN11850 / 18.2 1 eorn3/h, @2bar (30L/min)
tank cleaning nozzles

Telescopic CIP nozzle

The nozzle head is flush with the equipment mouth when not in use (The equipments are spray drying chamber, cyclone, fluidized bed, storage tank, pipeline, etc. ). During nozzle operation, water is pumped to the nozzle under pressure, which put the nozzle head into the correct position in the tank to clean the equipment. Once the water stops, the nozzle head automatically retracts to its original position and stops liquid residue in time.


Wetting Radius: Up to 4.5m
Impact Cleaning Radius: Up to 1.8m Spray Angle: 70-150°
Maximum Operating Temperature: 120°C Maximum Ambient Temperature: 1 50°C Supply Pressure: 1.8-4 bar Recommended Pressure: 2 bar
Liquid Flow: 1.8 m3 /h @ 2 bar

tank cleaning nozzles
cleaning impact radius blind spot less than 30°
tank cleaning nozzles

CYCO 05 Rotary Tank Cleaning Nozzle

tank cleaning nozzles

Actual data form

Pressure (bar) Flow (L/m)
3 24
4 28
5 32
7 37
10 45
12 52
15 56

CYCO-5 Data Sheet

Model: CYCO-05Type: Impeller Reducer Drive
Weight: 2.6kgWorking Pressure: 4-20bar
Recommended Pressure: 5-15barCleaning Cycle:4-8mins
Material:316LCleaning Angle: 360°
Cleaning Diameter:5meterMinimum Mounting Diameter: 105mm
Connection: 3/4 BSPP Female Thread (Customized connection optional)

Theory: The Rotary tank washer nozzle drives the turbine to drive the internal deceleration mechanism through the cleaning fluid. The gear mechanism runs according to the set trajectory to achieve rotation, and realizes 360-degree cleaning thoroughly.

Application: It is suitable for three-dimensional cleaning of medium&small storage tanks, tanker truck and underground storage tanks, such as cleaning, beer, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial fermentation tanks or other occasions which require high impact cleaning.

Features: Independent reduction gearbox mechanism, good sealing,strong impact water flow.
Order Information


Model: CYCO-05 Orifice: 4 Nozzle quantity : 4
Angle:360° Material: 316L 55 Connection: BSPP 3/4
tank cleaning nozzles


Degree Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle


1.Perfect structure design, and been able to generate larger impact waterflow.
2.Excellent sealing design, water leakage rate is only 3%, more economical cleaning solution
3.Independent gearbox design to prevent internal gear damage, and been able to work under conditions of poor water quality.

Technical Data

tank cleaning nozzles

Technical highlights

tank cleaning nozzles

360-Tank Cleaning Nozzle

tank cleaning nozzles
tank cleaning nozzles

Product Description

Model 260 is a very durable and reliable.. cleaning machine, covering alithe functions required to dealwitb the most serious tank cleaning problem,

  • Model 360 with uniguedesign,long service Lite and sboncleaning time, its sultablefor all kind of storage tank cleaning.
  • model 360 with 2 nosales,it provides a powerful and thorough 260,1eaning mode every. revolutions.
  • Optionaltbread size and thread :connection way, predictable cleaning affects and short cleaning time.
  • the structure of gear reducer and the combination of rotor and stator can meet most application requirement.
  • Built-in finer can help to decrease the blockage and prolongs the using life, Meanwhile,uSers can repair ICI, themselves and easy to maintain.


Clean Angle: 360°Recommend Pressure: 4-13bar
Material: 316LMedium: Liquid
Male thread connectionWeight: 5.1KG
Max working temperature: 95°Clean diameter: 25m
Working pressure: 3-15barMin cut size:: 4,120mm
360 degree rotatory small bottle washing cleaning nozzle


Clean Angle: 360° Recommend Pressure: 4-20bar
Material: 316L Medium: Liquid
Female connection Weight: 11.6KG
Max working temperature:120° Clean diameter: 30m
Working pressure: 3-22bar Min cut size:: 4,160mm

Advantages and features

  • Clean large tank Form 8m to 25m
  • With unique and precise rotating mechanism.
  • The Nozzel rotates 360 around the horizontal and vertical axes at the same time. and a dense mesh is made in the container is thoroughly cleaned by the high-Impact water flow.
  • Pressure range: 3-15bar, suggestto run it under 4-13bar.
  • Flow rate range:6-15ton/h
  • Cleaning time is from 5min to 35min.
  • Connection size: 2″ Male thread (BSPT,NPT)

K4 Tank Washing Nozzle (6160-10250)

Design features

The 6160 fixed tank washing nozzle assembly features a large flow capacity for cleaning tanks up to 3.1 meters in diameter.

The flow rates can be changed by using the size of 1/4″ or 1/8″ full cone spray nozzle The 6160 nozzle can pass throught tank mouth of 130mm of large in diameter.

For cleaning large tanks where extra-large flow capacity is use to clean the tank which diameter reaches 6.7 meter. It uses size of1/2″, 3/4 or 1″ full cone to change the flow rates

The 10250-1 nozzle assembly can pass throught tank mouth of 230mm in diameter For deep tanks the 10250-1 version is available with a 1.5 inch bottom outlet connection for use with a pipe extension and a 6160 nozzle assembly.

360 degree rotatory small bottle washing cleaning nozzle

On Application

  • Washbox defoaming
  • Stock tank cleaning


Pipe size NPT or BSPT (female) Nozzle in the first order number Flow rate (L/Min) at diferent pressures & Aprox. Max.Tank Dia Tank dia A (m) Size
1.5 Bar 2 Bar 3 Bar 3.5 Bar
L/Min Diameter jar A (m) L/Min Diameter jar A (m) L/Min Diameter jar A (m) L/Min Diameter jar A (m) Height B (mm) Dia C (mm)
3 Inch 10250-1-1/2 280 3.0 320 3.5 390 3.5 415 4.0 166 191
10250-1-3/4 580 3.5 660 4.0 800 4.5 860 5. 0 174 210
10250-1-1 1000 4.0 1130 5.0 1370 6.0 1470 6.5 183 229
1 1/2 Inch 6160-1/4005 35 40 48 52 1.2 114 114
6160-1/40010 70 Bo 97 104 2.  1 114 114
6160-3/80022 155 177 215 230 3.  0 121 127

K4 Tank Washing Nozzle (9800)

Design features

The 9800 washing nozzle is designed for effective cleaning of small containers.

The nozzles is available in a choice of 15 or 21 full cone spray tips that can provide complete coverage of the interior surface of the small containers at pressure up to 10 bar.

The 9800 nozzle fit throught a standard drum mouth It can be installed on a self driven drum washer The biggest diameter of the spray tip is 35mm with a 16mm reduced neck design .Constructed of SS,this nozzle is an ideal application when max. corrosion resistance is required.

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Performance data

Nozzle order number Capacity (L/min)
1Bar 2Bar 3Bar 4Bar 5Bar 6Bar 7Bar 10Bar
9800-15-SS 20 23 25 26 31
9800-21-SS 28 31 34 36 43

Diamensions and weight

Based on largest /heaviest version of each type
Nozzle serial number 9800-
Pipe joints NPT or BSPT(male) 1 Inch Pipe joints NPT or BSPT(male) 1 Inch Net Weight(Kg)
A(mm ) 35 C (mm) 16 0.51
B(mm) 156 0.51

K4 Tank Washing Nozzle (36250-28250)

Design features

Feature of 36250/28250 Compact Nozzle:

There are three high-pressure flat fan spray nozzles at the rotary spray head. The spray tip should be precisely oriented, in order to well wash all inner surface.

Therefore, there two models ofnozzle can be used to effectively wash inner of small bottle, jarand barrel.

36250 Nozzle body is made of anticorrosive plastic, and bearing spring is made of hard stainless steel for max. wearable life and high pressure washing with max. Pressure of 5 bar.

28250 Impact Nozzle can pass inlet with diameter of 42 mm. The sector spray head with low flux has good effect to wash small container. The spray body is made of 316 stainless steel for max. wearable life and high pressure washing with max. pressure of 7 bar.

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Performance data

Nozzle Order Number Capacity (I/min.)
1 Bar 1.5Bar 2Bar 2.5Bar 3Bar 4Bar
36250-STCN16-PP 49 59 68 76 84 94
36250-STCN18-PP 101 121 140 159 179 201
36250-STCN27-316SS 22 27 32 38 43 49
36250-STCN29-316SS 40 48 55 62 70 79

Size and weight

Nozzle Model Joint NPT or BSPT (Female) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) C (mm) Hexagon (mm) Net Weight (KG)
36250- 3/4inch 145 115 85 85 75 0.55
28250- 3/4inch 122 100 56 56 44.5 0.68

SPJT Bottle Cleaning Nozzle

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Tank Washing

Clog-resistant spiral design Energy efficient
Compact design; fits small openings

Easy to maintain
Unique patterns that spray in opposing directions

Flow rates: 11.4 to 260 I/min

Tank Washing SPJT Flow Rates and Dimensions SPJT 180° and 270°, 3/8″, 1/2, and 1″ Pipe Sizes

Male Pipe Size Number Available Angles K Factor LITERS PER MINUTE Approx. (mm) Metal Only Dim.(mm) weight (g) Meta
0.7 bar 1 bar 2 bar 3 bar 4 bar 5 bar Orifce Dia Free Pass. Dia. A B C
3/8 38SPJT-20-180 38SPJT-21-180 38SPJT-22-180 38SPJT-23-180 180°, 270° 13.7 11.4 13.7 19.3 23.7 27.3 30.6 4.83 3.30 73.0 17.5 92.1 49.6
180°, 270° 18.5 15.4 18.5 26.1 32.0 36.9 41.3 5.59 3.30
180°, 270° 24.2 20.2 24.2 34.2 41.8 48.3 54.0 6.35 3.30
180°, 270° 37.6 31.5 37.6 53.2 65.1 75.2 84.1 7.87 3.30
1/2 38SPJT-20-270 270° 54.9 46.0 54.9 77.7 95.1 110 123 10.4 4.32 22.2 108.0 181
1 1SPJT-1-270 270° 116 97.2 116 164 201 232 260 14.2 5.08 28.7 146.1 298
Degree Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Tank Washing SPJT Coverage Chart When spraying at 2-3 bar

Pipe Size Nozzle Number Scrubbing Diameter (mm) Rinsing Diameter (mm)
3/8 38SPJT-20-180 380 760
38SPJT-21-180 460 1200
38SPJT-22-180 610 1500
38SPJT-23-180 910 2100
1/2 38SPJT-20-270 1200 2700
1 1SPJT-1-270 2400 6100
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Design features

  • Compact design fits through small openings. 0.D.: M50-49mm
  • Superior cleaning at low pressures and low flow rates for greater economy
  • Self cleaning
  • No ball bearing to corrode

Spray Characteristics

  • High impact scrubbing action
  • Slow rotation speed provides better cleaning
  • Wide coverage
  • Flow rate: 76 to 132 1/min.

36300 Tank Washing Nozzle

Design features

  • The maximum diameter is about 7.6meter
  • It is suitable for CIP(cleaning in place) system
  • The reaction force of the cleaning liquid turns the nozzle, no need power to drive it It can be cleaned and rinsed under low pressure
  • Teflon material has a long service life
  • Angle range between 180 ° to 360 °

Main Feature

  • Flow Rate Range: 15-1490I/min.
  • Highest Temperature : 95 C
  • Spraying Angle: 180°, 270°, 360°
  • Pressure Range : 0.7-3.5bar
  • Tank Opening Size: 50-180mm
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle


Model No. A B C
1/2 60.3 49.2 28.6
3/4 66.6 57.2 33.3
1 76.2 69.8 45.3
2 111 123.8 69.8
3 149.2 174.6 98.4

Size(mm)Performance Data

Model No Orifice diameter (mm) Capacity (I/min.) Max. Cleaning Diameter
0.7bar 1.5bar 2bar 3bar 3.5bar
1/2-8 2.4 15.3 22 26 32 34 3.0
3/4-18 2.4 34 50 58 71 77 4.3
3/4-32 4.0 61 89 103 126 136 4.3
3/4-46 6.0 88 130 148 182 196 4.3
1″-50 4.0 95 140 161 197 215 5.5
2″-100 6.0 191 280 320 395 425 6.0
2″-125 6.7 240 350 400 495 530 6.0
2″-150 7.9 285 420 480 590 640 6.0
2″-175 9.5 335 490 560 690 745 6.0
2″-200 10.7 380 560 645 790 850 6.0
3″-250 9.9 475 700 805 985 1056 7.6
3″-300 10.7 570 840 965 1180 1280 7.6
3″-350 12.3 665 975 1130 1380 1490 7.6

36300R Tank Washing Nozzle

Design features

  • The maximum diameter is about 5.5 meter
  • No thread, the tapered design facilitates drainage, prevent the formation of nozzle hydrops, better advantage in sanitation application
  • 316SS bolt design, safer and more reliable
  • Teflon material is suitable for corrosive chemical cleaning agent
  • Removable design, it can be easily removed during inspection and maintenance
  • Angle range between 180 ° to 360 °

Main Feature

  • Flow Rate Range: 34-295I/min.
  • Pressure Range: 0.7-3.5bar
  • Highest Temperature : 95 C
  • Tank Opening Size: 64-102mm
  • Spraying Angle: 180°, 270°, 360°
  • 36300R Bolt Type
Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle

Spraying Angle

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle


Model No. A B C
1/2 60.3 49.2 28.6
3/4 66.6 57.2 33.3
1 76.2 69.8 45.3
2 111 123.8 69.8

Performance Data

Rotating Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzle