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Reduction furnace polysilicon and bell jar cleaning system

Reduction furnace polysilicon and bell jar cleaning system

The polysilicon reduction furnace cleaning and bell jar dry cleaning system is suitable for the silane polysilicon production process and is used for pollution-free dry cleaning under working conditions where silicon contaminants have little adhesion in the reaction kettle of the reduction workshop. During cleaning, the up and down movement and rotation mechanisms are used to drive high-pressure gas injection and a special rotating brush combination mechanism to spray and contact clean the surface of the reactor at close range to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The requirements of various working conditions can be met by cleaning the rotating speed regulating mechanism. While cleaning, a special dust removal purifier is used to remove and purify dust in one go.

Changyuan spray automatic high-pressure polysilicon reduction furnace bell cleaning system is mainly used for fully automatic cleaning and drying of the inner wall of the bell jar (barrel) of the Siemens polysilicon reduction furnace. Its working principle is to use hydraulic self-driven three-dimensional automatic rotating nozzles to form a 360 degree ° mesh spherical spray surface to complete the hydraulic sweeping of the internal surface of the bell jar. Use special cleaning agents as the main cleaning fluid, rinse with pure water (deionized water or desalted water), and rinse with high-purity water to complete the cleaning process.

This system is used for a series of processes such as cleaning the furnace barrel of polycrystalline silicon reduction furnace, high-pressure cleaning and drying inside the furnace barrel. The system working mode is fully automatic operation (except for the placement and removal of the bell jar), and the entire cleaning and drying process can be realized by “one person”. Complete the operation with one click, and the operator can assist and monitor the entire work process;

Changyuan spray reduction furnace barrel cleaning system adopts the automatic mechanization design of high-pressure cleaning. The system reasonably arranges the process units and complies with the relevant national and local environmental protection, safety and fire protection regulations. It is mainly divided into two units: cleaning and drying. The cleaning unit is designed The unit’s actuator and cleaning and drying workbench are arranged on the third floor. The explosion-proof level is EXDIICT4; the corresponding ventilation and exhaust gas treatment and collection functions are also considered;

Features of polysilicon cleaning/bell cleaning system:

1. Strong technical ability and reasonable design. According to customer needs, we summarize and learn from domestic and foreign experience in cleaning and drying reduction furnace bell jars and other tanks, give full play to the technical advantages of high-pressure water cleaning and dust suction, and design this system to achieve Fully automatic cleaning and drying operation of the reduction furnace bell jar. Personalized designs can be provided according to different users, reduction furnace bell jars, workshop conditions, and different energy conditions.

2. The equipment performance is reliable, and the core components, components and accessories are imported with original packaging.

3. High degree of automation: PLC + touch screen flexible automatic control system realizes automatic cleaning and drying of the reduction furnace bell jar with semi-automatic or manual functions.

4. Wide range of adaptability: The cleaning and drying of various types of reduction furnace bell jars can be realized in one system.

5. Energy saving, environmental protection and safety: Provides a solution for preheating (waste heat steam, waste hot water or oil) to heat cleaning water and dry air. The fully enclosed cleaning and drying system basically eliminates pollution to the site and operators.

Cleaning process

The reduction furnace bell jar is in place → pre-cleaning → cleaning agent (lye) cleaning → rinsing → high-purity water rinse → purified hot air drying → normal temperature drying → the bell jar is lifted away.

Note: The choice of cleaning agent has a direct impact on the cleaning effect and operation safety. In this regard, our company has accumulated rich practical experience to solve flash explosion and other problems.

Equipment composition

1. 1 set of high-pressure hot water cleaning power device

It consists of a high-pressure hot water cleaning machine and accessories (1 set), a high-pressure three-dimensional can washer (1 set), and a three-dimensional can washer lifting device (pneumatic, 1 set).

2. 1 set of hot air purification and drying unit

Air inlet purification level: 100,000 levels.

3. 1 set of cleaning and drying workbench and pipes

4. 1 set of electrical control system

It adopts PLC + touch screen fully automatic control and a full set of control software.

Note: Water and wind heating methods: electric heating, heat exchanger of steam, residual hot water or oil.

Installation and use conditions:

The customer provides water, electricity, and gas, connects them to the target equipment, and meets energy consumption requirements.

Power supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 3L+N;

Normal temperature water: Q≥40-100L/min, DN40 interface;

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