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Tank Clean nozzle


CYCO-10 rotating cleaning ball parameters:

Maximum cleaning diameter: 50 feet (15.3 meters) Minimum opening size: Φ280mm
Material: 316L, PTFE Working pressure: 3-20 bar
Maximum temperature: 200°F (93°C) Cleaning cycle: 5-35 minutes
Inlet connection: 2NPT or BSPT(M) Working principle: gear reduction drive

CYCO-10 rotating spray ball features:

360° no dead angle cleaning: When the cleaner is working, first confirm that the four nozzle slots are in the vertical direction as shown in the figure, and select the appropriate nozzle angle according to the size of the cleaning tank to ensure the cleaning impact force. (The larger the cleaning bottle and tank, the better the nozzle fan angle. The smaller it is, the better it is to just cover the bottles and cans, so as to achieve all-round 360-degree cleaning.
Sealing: Dynamic sealing is used at the leakage point to reduce leakage and save cleaning fluid. At the same time, a greater impact force of water flow is produced.
Higher impact: The nozzle adopts a unique steady flow design, which can make the jet water more concentrated, have greater impact and clean more thoroughly.

CYCO-10 rotating spray ball performance curve:

Comparison pictures before and after cleaning :

Application areas:

CYCO-10 rotating cleaning ball is used for cleaning reactors, tanks, pools, and water tanks in more than 200 industries such as biopharmaceuticals, biological fermentation, food and beverages, chemical processing, and petrochemical industries.

About Nagahara:

We specialize in the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of various types of high-performance cleaning heads, spray balls, cleaning balls and automatic tank cleaning equipment. The industry’s cutting-edge cleaning technology, strong product support and 23-year R&D technical team are for biopharmaceuticals. , biological fermentation, food and beverage, chemical processing, petrochemical and other industries provide mechanical cleaning solutions for tanks, reactors and containers. We can provide the best cleaning equipment and solutions for different working conditions and cleaning needs. For cleaning selection, please email us at [email protected] for one-to-one service from technical engineers!

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