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Tank Clean nozzle


The SJV-TC tungsten carbide nozzle provides high impact, has a fan-shaped spray and a hollow cone, and the spray angle is between 0°-110°. The spray produced by this nozzle is evenly distributed with fine to medium droplets. When several nozzles need to overlap and spray, the specially designed edges make the area covered by the spray evenly distributed.


1. The nozzle is composed of stainless steel and tungsten carbide inlay.
2. This combination doubles the wear resistance and lowers the cost.
3. Just replace the nozzle and the nozzle body can be reused.
In high-pressure spray applications, when liquid passes through the nozzle at high speed, ordinary nozzles will wear out and become larger, consuming water and electricity. The nozzle made of tungsten carbide can greatly extend the wear resistance life, save energy and reduce consumption.
Experiments have proven that the wear resistance of tungsten carbide is up to 250 times that of brass. It can be sprayed with high particle concentration solutions and is very suitable for road marking paint spraying. Its excellent corrosion resistance is suitable for robotic automated spray applications.

Dimensions and weight:

Performance data:

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Low pressure cleaning, chemical spraying, metal cleaning and processing, spray spraying, grease cleaning and flushing, component cleaning, spray cooling, pressure washing, sand, coal and gravel cleaning

Suitable for

Humidification, spray painting, cooling, pipe inner coating spray, sealant/protective coating spray, viscous solution spray, road marking paint line spray, robot spray

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