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Tank Clean nozzle


The cyco Changyuan spray ball kettle fixed lifting cleaning system is mainly used for the cleaning of cubic kettles, including the intelligent automatic cleaning of various three-dimensional kettles such as medium and large reaction kettle cleaning, chemical resin acrylic reaction kettle cleaning and stirring kettle cleaning.

The fixed lifting cleaning system of the spherical kettle adopts a lifting structure to achieve fixed-point cleaning at different depths inside the reactor without entering the tank. It can achieve 360-degree cleaning of the inner wall of the reactor without dead corners. During automatic cleaning, there is basically no water splashing into the tank. In addition, there is no need to make any changes to the tank body.

Features and advantages of fixed lifting cleaning system for spherical kettle

1. Any cleaning point and cleaning time can be set, and each cleaning point can be cleaned for 1 to 5 minutes;

2. When cleaning is required, the valve is opened and when cleaning is not required, the valve is closed to avoid cross-contamination;

3. One-key operation, touch screen control, powerful function, stable and reliable, low operating cost and easy maintenance;

4. The cleaning pressure can be adjusted within 5 ~ 1000 kg to solve cleaning problems under various working conditions;

5. The cleaning efficiency is high, and the entire cleaning operation can generally be completed in 4 to 20 minutes, thus saving more time for production and achieving considerable economic benefits;

6. There is no need to manually remove the tank for cleaning to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. It is fully automatic control and only requires the operator to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and provide assistance;

Selection and configuration of fixed lifting cleaning system for spherical kettle

1. Hard rod fixed lifting type

2. Fixed lifting type with rolled pipe

3. Pneumatic/electric lifting type

4. Power telescopic arm

5. Water heating system

6. Explosion-proof configuration

7. PLC touch control

8. Solvent alkali cleaning

Comparison list of automatic cleaning and manual cleaning

Cleaning system applications

The automated cleaning system is mainly used for intelligent automated cleaning of cubic tanks, including medium and large tank cleaning, reactor cleaning and other types of tanks.


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Suitable for

Inner wall cleaning of different containers such as pharmaceutical processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, storage tanks, industry, chemicals, fuel ethanol, beer tanks, dairy fermentation tanks, pharmaceutical tanks, reaction kettles, mixing tanks, fermentation tanks, etc.

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