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Tank Clean nozzle


Changyuan spray humidification and cooling system can provide humidification, cooling and disinfection solutions according to specific working conditions. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with large humidification mist volume and intelligent control.


The dry mist humidification system mixes the two fluids of air and water, and then undergoes three gasification and shearing effects. The supersonic air sprayed from the nozzle is again atomized, and collides with the similarly atomized aerosol from the other nozzle, interacting with each other. While repeatedly cutting, the ultrasonic droplets generated at 33,000-40,000 Hz become more granular. The principle of the equalized atomization system achieves multi-stage atomization to obtain a good spray effect. The diameter of the spray particles is 5-7 microns.


1. Controllable pressure setting and controllable coverage;
2. Gas power, two-stage atomization system;
3. High-quality spray particles to avoid wetland occurrence;
4. Air path delay design effectively prevents nozzle clogging;
5. Optional temperature and humidity automatic control sensors can realize automatic humidification and cooling according to the actual air temperature and humidity;
6. The installation is quick and convenient, as long as the air compressor is connected, the spraying work can be easily done;
7. Two styles to choose from: wired socket model and wireless battery model.

Industry application

Project cases

System composition and installation effect

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Textile industry, electronics industry, tobacco industry, paper and printing industry, computer room, HVAC industry, edible fungi cultivation, fresh storage, artificial landscape, breeding special, spraying industry, plastic industry and other 200+ industries

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