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Tank Clean nozzle


Changyuan can develop corresponding lithium salt barrel cleaning systems according to customer requirements, such as: lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning system, lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning equipment, electrolyte barrel cleaning system, 200L electrolyte barrel cleaning equipment, lithium salt barrel cleaning equipment, 1000L lithium salt barrel Cleaning system, 112-liter lithium salt barrel cleaning system

This system is used for internal solvent cleaning of stainless steel tonnage barrels. The system working mode is fully automatic operation and requires operator assistance and monitoring and control of the entire cleaning process.
Product features and advantages:
1. Through process settings, two solvent cleanings are met. Each cleaning station is equipped with two solvent pipes. One of the solvent cleaning lines is equipped with an automatic temperature control system to realize automatic temperature control of pipelines and equipment;
2. Use the error-proofing system to determine the position of the hose and the type of hose to be rinsed, and automatically produce a three-color sound and light alarm;
3. Judge the rinsing effect of the ton barrel through the flow parameter (adjustable) to realize the low flow alarm function;
4. Through online detection of colorimetric detection and real-time process monitoring of cleaning solvents, functions such as index checking, judgment, stopping of rinsing and alarming are realized;
5. The cleaning station has sufficient inspection and maintenance space and branch line closing function to ensure the safety of inspection and maintenance;
6. There is a manual operation platform for cleaning, a sealed room on the outside, and a waste gas collection interface on the top of the sealed room.

Suitable for

Clean lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel/electrolyte barrel/lithium salt barrel

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