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Cyco Changyuan spray tank container CIP cleaning equipment is mainly used for cleaning in cubic tanks, including cip automated cleaning of various three-dimensional tanks such as medium and large mixing tanks, fermentation tanks and tank storage tanks.

The fully automatic CIP cleaning system is widely used in modern large-scale fluid pharmaceutical factories, dairy factories, breweries, pharmaceutical factories, canneries, condiment factories and general food factories for pipes and tanks with high hygiene requirements for processing technology and production environment requirements. Equipment cleaning in place.

The CIP online cleaning system refers to the equipment (tanks, pipelines, pumps, filters, etc.) and the entire production line that can pass a cleaning liquid of a certain temperature through a closed pipeline within a predetermined time without the need for manual disassembly or opening. The inner surface of the equipment is sprayed and circulated to achieve the purpose of automatic cleaning. Different cleaning and disinfection processes should be developed for different locations and controlled separately according to different CIP cleaning systems; the CIP system should be designed on the basis of ensuring the effective operation of the CIP process, and at the same time, the flexibility, economy and safety of the system should be considered. Environmental protection requirements and reduce the chance of cross-contamination, etc. The cleaning of fermentation tanks should be mainly based on normal temperature alkali cleaning, and should be combined with regular pickling. The sake tank should be mainly cleaned by pressure pickling, combined with regular alkali cleaning; the cleaning pipeline should be mainly cleaned by high-temperature alkali cleaning, combined with regular pickling. In the design process of the CIP system, we focus on the factors that affect the normal operation of the system, such as cavitation problems, filtration treatment of liquid return, and circulating heating, so as to make the CIP system more perfect.

Working principle of fully automatic CIP cleaning system:

The CIP cleaning and disinfection system uses water dissolution, flushing and kicking, heat exchange, cleaning agents and the chemical action of cleaning agents to remove pollutants on the inner walls of tanks, equipment and pipelines. The working principle of the fully automatic CIP cleaning system is to control the opening and closing of the steam valve by measuring the temperature with a thermal resistor; to control the opening and closing of the water valve by measuring the liquid level with a pressure transmitter; and to control the opening and closing of the water valve by measuring the conductivity with a conductivity meter. The rate is used to control the opening and closing of alkali and acid diaphragm valves. The overall control process is adding water and heating—-lye cleaning—–hot water flushing—–acid cleaning—–hot water cleaning.

Fully automatic CIP cleaning system consists of:

The fully automatic CIP cleaning system consists of acid tanks, alkali tanks, hot water tanks, pure water tanks, concentrated acid and concentrated alkali tanks, heat exchangers, various pipelines and pneumatic valves, pressure transmitters, conductivity meters, and platinum thermal resistors. and control system.

Advantages of fully automatic CIP cleaning system equipment:

1) The fully automatic CIP cleaning system uses a human-machine interface (touch screen) and uses image display to make it easier for the operator to control and monitor.

2) The fully automatic CIP cleaning machine can automatically detect, add, discharge, display and adjust the cleaning fluid. It has reliable operation, high degree of automation, simple operation and good cleaning effect, so it is more in line with modern large-scale fluid pharmaceuticals. Hygiene requirements for food processing technology and production environment requirements.

3) Automatically adjust the temperature of clean water, acid, alkali cleaning fluid, hot water, etc. at various levels.

4) By switching the screen, you can freely choose automatic or manual control.

5) According to the special requirements of customers, prepare and modify programs on site to carry out special control.

6) The fully automatic CIP cleaning machine can achieve centralized control according to customer needs and comply with the new version of GMP requirements and industry-related inspection standards.

7) Flexible human-machine dialogue interface allows the operator to conveniently select each operating program. The touch screen will faithfully display options and temperature, time, conductivity and other conditions at each stage of actual production to facilitate real-time monitoring.

8) Reduce manual errors, do not cause safety hazards to the human body, reduce the space occupied by the factory, reduce costs, facilitate personnel operation, and avoid cross-contamination.

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