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Tank Clean nozzle


The cabin washing machine uses a certain pressure of cleaning medium as the driving force to drive the built-in gear to rotate the body horizontally 360°, and at the same time the nozzle rotates 360° vertically. As a result, the water ejected from the nozzle reaches a three-dimensional 360° all-round coverage.

Technical parameters of cabin washing machine:

Cleaning angle: 360°Material: 316L
Installation method: flange connection Maximum working temperature: 95℃
Rated pressure: 5-13bar Recommended pressure: 6-12bar
Scope of application: ships Medium: liquid


The PG15 is a fully programmable single-nozzle tank cleaning machine equipped with pitch control and speed control. The movement of the nozzle is in principle a rotation on the horizontal plane, accompanied by a slow vertical movement, which is the movement pattern of the nozzle. Angle adjustment allows pre-set spacing at the start of an up or down cycle to optimize cleaning of specific areas (such as bottom or side cleaning requirements only).

Tank cleaning procedures

When the liquid cargo is partially unloaded, the tank washing machine is started for cleaning. At this time, the tank washing medium is the liquid cargo itself. This can remove the adhesive on the bulkhead without causing contamination to the liquid cargo itself. When unloading is complete, it can be thoroughly cleaned with heated water.

horizontal movement

A. Use cleaning fluid to drive the turbine.
B. There is a cam installed on the upper end of the turbine shaft, which can drive two pressure wheels up and down when rotating.
C. The pressure wheel seat transmits the rotational motion to the worm gear through the worm rotating shaft.
D. The worm gear is connected to the lifting rod and transmits horizontal motion to the lower housing and nozzle.

vertical movement

A. There is a feeder mechanism on the top of the worm gear, which consists of a roller, a pulley seat assembly and a pinion that meshes with the gear on the cam sleeve.
B. A dial pin cooperates with the cam sleeve and runs in the groove of the cam sleeve.
C. Each time the worm gear rotates, the feeder mechanism will slightly rotate the sleeve, causing the cam sleeve to move in the vertical direction.
D. The cam sleeve is connected to the lifting rod and transmits vertical motion to the nozzle.

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Suitable for

Suitable for oil tankers, oil tanks, ships and large containers, washing tank oil tanks

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