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Tank Clean nozzle


Semiconductor industry cleaning: substrate and wafer cleaning - the two-fluid nozzle can cover the fine gaps and uneven areas on the substrate surface. High impact force removes fine particles.


In order to ensure the high reliability, stability and service life of semiconductor devices, improve the yield of semiconductor products, and avoid circuit failure caused by contaminant contamination, semiconductors need to be cleaned, such as chips, wafers, substrates, and integrated circuit boards. Cleaning, etc., removes chemical impurities, particulate impurities, organic impurities and metal contaminants without changing or damaging the wafer surface or substrate.

Design Features

1. The special internal structure design of the two-fluid air atomizing nozzle can evenly mix liquid and gas to produce a spray of fine droplets or a spray of coarse droplets.
2. The adjustable air atomizing nozzle can adjust the liquid flow rate. It can also produce spray that meets the requirements without changing the air pressure and liquid pressure, so it has strong adaptability.
3. Spray fan-shaped spray to meet the cleaning needs of various working conditions.

Performance parameters

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Suitable for

Semiconductor industry cleaning, wafers, silicon wafers, substrates, integrated circuit boards, etc. processes that require cleaning

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