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Tank Clean nozzle



High-frequency waterproof nano-level atomizer, high-grade waterproof fan industrial sheet metal body, automatic/manual all-in-one machine.
1. Ultrasonic high frequency atomizer
It can quickly humidify large spaces to improve work efficiency and achieve satisfactory results.
High frequency and quick effect: break up water molecules to produce natural water mist, humidify quickly and evenly
Simple maintenance: integrated atomizer and atomization components, easy to replace and maintain
Energy saving and low consumption: no heating is required and negative ions can be released
2. Industrial grade waterproof fan
It has a long service life, high waterproof level, and corrosion resistance. It can quickly and effectively discharge the heat generated by the body, protect the humidifier from circuit failure due to excessive temperature, and improve work efficiency.
3. Waterproof and transformer
Highly waterproof material transformer, double-layer film protects the circuit, the system is protected from external environmental interference, and the operating temperature greatly improves operating performance.

Technical Parameters

Note: The mist pipe and bucket of the ultrasonic humidifier need to be provided by yourself.

Products real shot

Waterproof toroidal transformer

Highly sensitive temperature measurement control panel

Using ten-head stainless steel atomization plate